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Galaxy Note II software update (N7100XXDLL7) brings battery drain

Samsung recently released a software update (N7100XXDLL7) to the Galaxy Note II and this update is reported to suffer from battery drain. Owners of the Galaxy Note II who installed the new software update reported us about the battery drain issue. We of SamMobile have also tested the new firmware and we can confirm that the new update indeed drains the battery much faster than previous firmwares.

The new software update (N7100XXDLL7) fixes the infamous Exynos vulnerability,”Sudden Death” issue and resetcode bug but brings battery drain. Samsung itself did not give any comment on this issue yet, we expect a new update based on Android 4.1.2 before the newer Android version 4.2.1 / 4.2.2 firmwares. If you have the same problem with your Galaxy Note II please let us know in the comments!

Some quotes from Galaxy Note II owners: 
- yes. Before update – 7,5 hours of screen work, now – 6,5 – 7 hours.
- absolutely its very noticeable
- Not really, around 5-10% worse battery, but nothing massive.
- I think battery drains fastly than 4.1.1 update. But now Exynos Xploit is solved.
- before update screen time on 8h Now : 6h30
- not battery drain but 4.1.1 was way better than latest firmwares
- yep battery now only lasts max of 24hrs , used to get 36+ , MediaScannerService seems to be the culprit


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69 comments on “Galaxy Note II software update (N7100XXDLL7) brings battery drain

  1. Alex_android 2 years ago said:

    I guess, i’m going to hold on at 4.1.1, until we have 4.2.X…..

  2. ikundan 2 years ago said:

    find the culprit via cpuspy.. :)

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  3. heartblasts 2 years ago said:

    For me Message app disappearing from desktop short cut after every reboot.
    Also very bad battery drain. I am in completely stock rom

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  4. ithehappy 2 years ago said:

    Of course 4.1.2 update affects the battery life, no questions asked! I got 9 hours screen on on 4.1.1 at least 5-6 times, but since updating to 4.1.2 only once I got 8 hours.
    I also hate the new sick slim looking clock, the bold one in 4.1.1 was much better looking.
    Samsung should fix this with an update.

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  5. Mcarthyn 2 years ago said:

    I prefer security that a long time of duration battery.

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  6. rdy2go 2 years ago said:

    My battery life almost halved since the update :(

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  7. mikecongpham 2 years ago said:

    i got 32 hours of battery. maybe battery is draining because of you guys syncing a lot of emails? facebook sync is on? i don’t know, i turn off most sync like facebook and twitter and battery is quite good, 32 hours with 3 hours of screen on.

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  8. ifran12 2 years ago said:

    So should we revert back to 4.1.1 or stay with battery drain. because this is the update with exynos exploit fix or should we risk by flashing a 4.1.1 which may cause sudden death. any ideas?

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  9. oliverg11x 2 years ago said:

    No More Sucksung devices!! Start rolling Updates now!! N7000 and SII users still waiting!!! Sammobile lie all the time about this update now is Junuary 17th and no have new about this!! Thats no a serius website all the time give false news for the old users!!!

  10. g.p 2 years ago said:

    I am currently on stock 4.1.1 on my unbranded Note 2 Italy. we haven’t received 4.1.2 update yet, do you suggest I should not update?
    How much of a drain are we talking about, by average?

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  11. ifran12 2 years ago said:

    whats you screen on time @q.p

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  12. hellraiser 2 years ago said:

    NOT REALLY…..i am getting 45 hours battery with 7 hour screen time.

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  13. ithehappy 2 years ago said:

    @irfan12: No you shouldn’t revert back to 4.1.1. 4.1.2 fixed the Exynos SD bug, which is much more dangerous than battery backup.
    @q.p- Around 10-15%. But if you get the update, you should do it.

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  14. g.p 2 years ago said:

    @ifran12 I’m getting 6-7 hours of screen on time, with 24 to 26 hours in total. 3G always on, auto-brightness at 50%, and lots of syncing (fb, twitter, g+, gmail, a POP3 mail account, pulse news etc.)
    With half an hour of heavy games (like nfs most wanted), screen on time goes down to 5.5 hours.
    I’m pretty satisfied with my battery life, actually.

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  15. g.p 2 years ago said:

    @hellraiser thanks, I believe I will update as soon as I get it. I don’t want to miss the “sudden death” fix. and battery life would still be more than enough for me with a 10-15% decrease ;)

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  16. nottsmanx 2 years ago said:

    Here in uk , we are still waiting for unlocked BTU firmware . Getting worried about exynoxabuse hitting my phone

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  17. king_boys 2 years ago said:

    normal work befor update = 48-72h

    normal work after update = 24!

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  18. mawilliams 2 years ago said:

    I have version N7100XXDLK7 is this one also affected?? Actually I find the update quite well, everything works smoother.

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  19. gasterakos 2 years ago said:

    Me also i notice that after this update my battery drain is higher.Please fix this Samsung

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  20. kandem 2 years ago said:

    Are you sure about sudden death is fixed in this compilayion?

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  21. Tommytky 2 years ago said:

    I too noticed a little faster drainage of battery but nothing massive…

    But I do have another bug, I am not sure if that’s only me or you guys are the same?

    I’m on Malaysia 4.1.2 firmware and whenever I change the “NFC toggle” icon into the notification setting toggles, after sometime, the NFC toggle icon disappeared…
    Can anyone else test this and let me know if it’s a general issue or just me?


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  22. shakshak2011 2 years ago said:

    ِAbsolutely its very noticeable … I did Factory Rest .. and it is better now, but 4.1.1 was way better in battery.

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  23. shakshak2011 2 years ago said:

    I do highly advice anyone update his phone to 4.1.2 to do “Factory Reset” from the phone itself, and the battery life will dramatically change to a better performance.

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  24. sa71 2 years ago said:

    I did not notice any difference. Someone have mentioned here that factory reset improves battery life. I regularly factory reset my phone after flashing. Maybe that is the reason.

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  25. maxximuscool 2 years ago said:

    Format your microSD card and it should save about 1hour of battery. Had that on my S3 and still trying to find battery life issue.

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  26. darthvidor 2 years ago said:

    I go to 92% after 8 hours of phone sleep from full 100% (tried with wifi on/off, motion enabled/disabled still the same). Today, without changing anything, I got an improvement, got 96% .

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  27. charumitrasingh 2 years ago said:

    I also feeling the same problem of battery drain on my note 2. One week before I updated it. How I noticed that my device battery is draining quickly then before. I give change at night. It will take 4 to 5 hrs to be fully charge in switch off mode from 15 to 100%. I used to switch on my data before update and battery goes to whole day till 11 o’clock. Now I have to change it in office. Will Samsung fix this problem?

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  28. nedcarullo 2 years ago said:

    before the update i was getting about 8hrs of screen time on @20% now 6hrs max @20% same usage when i was on 4.1.1 to 4.1.2…samsung please fix this

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  29. jauhar1 2 years ago said:

    How all of you easily get 8 hours screen time?

    Any guide how to do that? What’s ROM? whats Apps Running? 3G? WiFI Only? or others related informations please….

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  30. tommi_886 2 years ago said:

    yes , did drain my battery fast!

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  31. husain51 2 years ago said:

    Yeah even in my note 2 battery is draining very fast. And it takes a lot of time to recharge

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  32. sandhu795 2 years ago said:

    Before the update the screen on time was 8 hours…
    After the update it reduces to 6-5 hours :(

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  33. nazir007 2 years ago said:

    want in nxt update move to sd option

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  34. s2tips 2 years ago said:

    to people who are taking about this ( don’t know why when this is about the note) the SII ids getting jelly bean next month. we would have had it in December, but they wanted to fix the exanose glitch

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  35. burocan 2 years ago said:

    Turkey 4.1.2 firmware. The percentage of the battery has a problem 1 minute was (%100 while 99 %) (% 32 while % 30) and drain my battery fast :( fix battery please !!!

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  36. sivilyar 2 years ago said:

    At what planet people got 8 hours of screen on???

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  37. lapje 2 years ago said:

    Planet earth??

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  38. lapje 2 years ago said:

    After full charge now 12+ hours and 1:40 screentime…76% battery left.

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  39. Zainab Aljaroodi 2 years ago said:

    Yes, I did suffer from this problem too. I decided to restore my smartphone back to 4.1.1 !!!!!!
    I hope Samsung find a way to work it out very soon.

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  40. hoongphak 2 years ago said:

    How do you do a restore? Unrooted phone possible?

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  41. y2kanani 2 years ago said:

    yup it definitely drains battery….

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  42. gayboy20 2 years ago said:

    I love samsung.
    But samsung release software update a little bit too fast.
    Slow down,samsung!
    Give Sammobile your enthusiast some rest.
    Sammobile is the best!

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  43. hoongphak 2 years ago said:

    OK, a hard reset really helped

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  44. mawilliams 2 years ago said:

    ok, I noticed that with location detection on via WiFi/Network it drains the battery much faster. If you uncheck all location settings and turn off Google Now, you should get regular battery stats. Hope this helps.

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  45. konji116 2 years ago said:

    had installed the N7100XXDLL7 a while ago and i had yet to test its battery life… i since i had upgraded my device from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2 i did noticed that the battery drains kinda fast…im charging to 100% and i will observe if anything had changed, for good or for worst…

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  46. sbj 2 years ago said:

    does any one knows when the galaxy note 2 sph -l900 from sprint will be getting the 4.1.2 firmware update?

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  47. ascamarla 2 years ago said:

    My battery drains 3.8%/hour with 50 minutes of screen!!!
    I found an error in calculator application.
    When you push “x button” appears “+”.
    When you push “divide button” appers “divide simbol behind +”.
    When you push “- button” appears “+”.

    I hope a fast 4.1.2 update.

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  48. rayoizan 2 years ago said:

    yo he notado un consumo superior mas o menos de un 25 por ciento.Arregla lo de la bateria la nueva version de tailandia THL?

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  49. ankitkumarnag 2 years ago said:

    to get a maximum backup
    do give a full recharge cycle to ur device (when battery goes below 20% to 100% without interruption)
    use the charger provided with the device (2A) instead of ur other galaxy devices (0.7A)
    shut off ur device while charging it takes only 2-2.5 hours if u shut it off

    please give ur feedback after doing this

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  50. karam 2 years ago said:

    yes i have problem with the battery i used to get 18 hours of light to moderate use now i get 11 hours ..

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  51. papaki1974 2 years ago said:

    I have the same problem with the battery i used to get 20 hours of light to moderate use now i get 12 hours

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  52. ryarrell 2 years ago said:

    My Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile has been a wonderful device since day one of purchase. Battery life was extremely excellent i would run this device for 18 hrs with 9 to 11hrs of on screen time i mean heavy heavy use. Now I have to charge my device much more often at least twice in 18hrs which makes me back off on my usage. I also notice it gets hot now when used for long periods of time definitely not good. Samsung better do something about this problem and fast. I will be hitting up their twitrer/facebook/goggle plus pages until they do.

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  53. haxxy 2 years ago said:

    Does this only happen with N7100XXDLL7? I didn’t update, as 4.1.2 it’s not available yet in my country.

    I see that version named N7100XXDMA6 being released now to other countries. Does this version causes battery drain?

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  54. mkny73 2 years ago said:

    I was an iPhone guy before, but switched to the Note 2 mainly because of the great battery life. Now the battery life sucks. I can’t go the whole day without recharging as opposed to going a day and a half on a single charge.

    What happened? Will there be a quick change? Don’t you realize that battery life is the number 1 factor on going with a phone?

    Very disappointed and kicking myself for upgrading to 4.1.2

    Is there anyway to go back to 4.1.1?

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  55. zednanreh 2 years ago said:

    I had ics 4.1.1 and my phone drains battery more of usually. but i installed 4.1.2, and the life battery is better. This in my case.

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  56. Leandrojpsousa 2 years ago said:

    Really a huge difference in battery life. Use that had before been almost 40h to 24h maximum. And to call Samsung support they just suggest we make a factory reset. Although not quite believe that I would solve, now wait a reload to see if there was improvement. In my case also notication other problems like the blue LED flashing without notice. Small “gagging” on the screen. And even a crash TouchWiz. Wait for new update.

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    • kstorm 2 years ago said:

      hi. does the factory reset work?
      they said u need to factory reset so the battery will be normal again… is it true?

      this battery drain problem is really upsetting

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  57. settusurf 2 years ago said:

    I too have a problem in battery drain after the update 4.1.2….when the next update? how to fix the problem…

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  58. abdullah.amb121 2 years ago said:

    hey guys m also having same issue
    battery is draining so fast…
    my firmware is XXDLK7
    and build version is XXDMB5
    today moring 10 am i charged my note 2 to 93% and at 5:45pm it was 32%…

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  59. kstorm 2 years ago said:

    does the factory reset fix the problem?

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  60. Aoosha 2 years ago said:

    Yes there is huge drain. .they must fix it.

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  61. MADROX 2 years ago said:

    My Note2 has been on for 2 hours and has already dropped 79%. At least an hour an a half of this time is idle time. Flashing back to 4.1.1.

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  62. scorp10101 2 years ago said:

    I received my update on 3/26/2013. I believe it was for my 3h LTE service. I was so excited that I had the LTE service in my area only to be let down. I battery my battery life for it. I did a factory reset thinking it was an app I downloaded. Nope still drained almost to 20% by 5 pm. However I am confident Samsung will fix the problem, or T-Mobile.

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  63. mohamedelrayah 2 years ago said:

    hi everybody , i faced the same problem it looks the problem in the MOBILE DATA cause when i stopped it the battary stopped draining and worked just fine

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  65. agnes3434 2 years ago said:

    Bonjour ou bonsoir, je vous informe que j’ai également un problème de Batterie, ma phablette est le Galaxy note 2 avec la version androïde 4.3. La version de la bande de base est le N7100XXUEMJ9. Quel est la mise à jour que je pourrai installé pour ne plus avoir mon problème de batterie? Merci beaucoup.

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