Galaxy Note II receives Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update, Lots of new features

Samsung releases Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note II  GT-N7100.

Samsung has just started to push Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update to the International Samsung Galaxy Note II  GT-N7100. The Galaxy Note II  is one of  the best sellings Android Device of 2012 and has a very large user base that’s why Samsung keeps on updating this device with all the new Android versions as they want to provide the Galaxy Note II users with their best support experience.

You might not be able to update your device to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean right away as the update is rolling out in phases. So, it might not yet be available for your country or network provider (If Your device is Carrier branded) but don’t worry the update will arrive soon.

Some of the Android 4.1.2 new features:

  • Android 4.1.2 – JZO54K
  • New Additions in Notifcation Toggles
  • Notification Panel can now be customized
  • Brightness Slider in Notification Panel Can Now Be Disabled
  • Multi-View Can now be disabled
  • Browser Is Smoother Then Before
  • Status Bar has been changed from Grey to Black
  • Continues Input in Samsung Keyboard (Like Swipe or Android 4.2 Keyboard)
  • New Ink Effect On Lockscreen
  • New Group Cast Application

Keep an eye on @SamKiesUpdates to get the latest information on Official Firmwares for your Samsung device.
You can update your Galaxy Note II  through Samsung KIES or by using OTA.

Official Firmware Details:
Android Version: 4.1.2 – Build JZO54K
Country: Poland [PLAY]

November/December XXD 


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  1. Yeeeeeah, Poland rules :-)

  2. I want sell sgs ll and buy ipone 5

  3. S2 update pls

  4. Can this be flash into International factory unlocked N7100?
    Seems like the version is from Play (carrier) Poland

  5. YEEEEEEEES merry christmas

  6. When Jb for Note N7000 ???

  7. I really wonder why poland gets updates first, are they the strongest europe market for samsung?

  8. @vavrorvav: maybe they want to release the firmware to a small group first … see if any serious bugs pop up and if not .. release it to the rest of the world? who knows?

  9. @Yucko but poland has 38 mil. population, doesnt seem like a small group :) but you might be right makes sense too

  10. How many times one has to remind people that this is not the place to cry about updates for S2,Note,etc!! if you really want to plead then do it with the Samsung people! write to the company and compell them to do it!! Not Here Please…..

  11. When Indonesia version available….

  12. Yo vineethkbhat, then why is Sammobile called themselves Sammobile? And aren’t Sammobile releasing Samsunphones firmwares? — idiot.

  13. Poland is large market for Samsung but for Low-End devices. Personally don’t know anyone in Poland owning Note II and very few people with S3. But i’m glad we are the first in the row to get updates :D

  14. Phases roll out of firmwares, this is the down part of open sources. And yo we are going to keep feeding comments intil it is done properly or until they segregate this part.

  15. Samsung just use Poland to test…

  16. Lucky poland :) i envy you can you update and send some feedback about how this update performs?

  17. I want sell SGS ll too…

  18. @ BeyongGalaxy

    Guess who’s the idiot, not vineethkbhat but you are. doesnt make any firmwares. They provide an easy way to download firmware that Samsung made (rolled out) and they dont work for Samsung. So no you should not complain here but at Samsung.

  19. It is a fan site, yes? And sure they don’t produce firmwares except repacked them I got that part other than being a bridge extension to Samsung company. So, they are not related to Samsung in any way by subject and context in which they have posted them. And where else should consumer complaint to, if you might suggest. This is like taking something without having to bear reponsibilities.

  20. I also wonder about leaks of any kind (news or firmwares) of how Sammobile got hold of them. Sure as long as I have been here those leaks are from insiders. Are these insider hackers? Or are they employees of either company? How does Sammobile get these support?

  21. Poland is first, because it is the place where updates are being made (that is what I have heard). It is the only reason to be proud of living here – we get Samsung updates first…. :D

  22. And if consumers do wants to complain, where can they make a complain where they can be heard, if not here?

  23. @Beyonggalaxy

    It looks like you dont know what this site is all about! Bridge between Samsung??? If you want to talk Samsung or give them your opinion then go to their website or facebook page or write to thier customer support! I think you are really an idiot if you dont know that much!!

  24. That is why I need you to confirm seeing that you are skilled in thos area

  25. I got an ida why don’ t Sammobile just have a section which this one for news only and no box needed for feed backs. This way fans would be forced to go to other sections where it is more appropriate.

  26. I mean, what can you do if consumers do not stop complaining. Like you said, this is just a fan site and Sammobile won’t hold grudges with consumers who lett off steam here, correct? So it is perfectly ok I think.

  27. @ BeyondGalaxy

    DannyD said a while ago that sammobile has nothing to do with samsung and ofc their name is sammobile when they are providing samsung firmwares ON THEIR OWN, they arent going to name themselves applemobile or htcmobile, DUH…. and are not controled by samsung, you dont even have samsung logo on this site

  28. FYI status bar still gray -__-

  29. I love the Note II. Cool update.

  30. I downloaded and installed Poland version in my pk note2 via Odin. Its seems to fine everything, currently I’m in hurry but will report soon.

  31. Well now it’s time to officially update the Galaxy SII!

  32. @BeyondGalaxy:
    please provide me with your personal email adres so I can use it to complain about all kind of things that don’t concern you. Is that perfectly OK with you? I didn’t think so! Now bugger of you fool!

  33. I’m User of SGS1 ,2 I’m ProductKnow Samsung is Not Support Any Old Devices.

    I’m Learned This Lesson From Samsung and Last I’m Not Buy Your Devices Because You’re Not Care Your Old Devices
    Galaxy S1 Can’t Update To ICS ,But You Release Galaxy S Duos (I’m seriously)
    Galaxy S2 Can’t Update To Newest Version ,But Samsung Can’t Support Old Devices (I’m Will Crazy) ,You Must Buy Galaxy Premier Or Newest Devices Only.

    Then Galaxy S4 Come ,Old Devices Will Killed By Samsung Because Samsung Make It For Bussiness ,Not Care Customer

    I See Apple is Out Devices ,But Apple Can Care All Devices.
    But Samsung Roll Many Devices ,But Not Care Old Devices ,To Slow Update For Old Devices

    In Next Year ,I’m On Google Nexus ,Sony ,APPLE

    Not SAMSUNG ,I’m Will Remove Samsung Brand in MY HEAD

    SAMSUNG ,You’re Will SHAMESUNG For People.

  34. SAMSUNG IS SHIT NOT LIKE APPLE…..Update firmware Apple is very quick and Not like Samsung galaxy note n7000 nearly 1 year ago not yet receive JB 4.1.1 so it mean for 4.2 they must wait 2014.How about NOTE 10.1???Nearly 1 year ago too noe their version is 4.0.4 so 4.2 wait 2014 and how about Note 2 yeah u will get 4.1.2 But Don’t forget you will wait like Galaxy not 1 and Note 10.1 for Android 5.0 maybe 2015….And when you are waiting it this january they will show their S4 so you need to change your phone it is your strategy SAMSHIT ????and how about apple???Maybe Octorber or November they will release their Iphone 5s So it not fast like you so and started from 3gs they can update to IOS6 and they receive it when their New product released….it is very quick and make their customer feel comfortable .Not Like you want to get our money and make WE HATE U……SAMSHIT

  35. SGS 2 is gone be my last samsung phone, I never, never again not gone buy any samsung devices. They support for old devices is zero.

    I just ordered from ebay a Nexus 4, google is always first for updates, Google is best, but and apple is much better then Samsung for support, but i dont like ios i love android and for that i just ordered Nexus 4. I just put my S2 on sale, Good bye samsung.

  36. I flashed the leaked JB for SGS2 on my SGS2. It is running great, and now with the multiwindow mod it is almost complete. Update must be in the works to be outed soon.

    The above rom for SGN2 is fine. So far flashed okay. Taking it for a spin now.

  37. zooming in browser & gmail & email by sliding (top to down) finger in left/right side of screen removed from this update.

    it was in test firmware.

  38. I want it for Samsung Galaxy SII pleaaase!!!

  39. Great news.
    Noooo, Samsung sweden delayed JB for S2 to December – Januar.
    Nehehehe fnuk :D

  40. I’ve flashed with odin in my note 2 Vodafone UK and it works perfect. But still.waiting for the UK one ;)
    Anyway it a great firmware


  42. I wait for the Note II 4.1.2 with excite!By the way.Galaxy S II and Note I will also take this update guys.Don’t worry.It’s normal that Samsung try first to give the update to their last devices.The others follows in December-January.We must thank those guys that work well for us

  43. in this rom is brand PLAY? bootanimation and wallpapers?

  44. @sebol723
    Dunno about this one but PLAY don’t usually brand their phones. Well apart from boot animation ;)

  45. 2 questions that i hope will get answered asap:

    1- Is this rom branded? can I flash it on my GT-N7100? “does it have boot animation and wallpapers from Play Poland?

    2- I never flashed my phone without formatting it, so I want to ask do I lose every thing on the internal memory when I flash?

  46. acabo de instalar en Colombia la rom de Polonia, sin problema alguno y sin mucha diferencia, tocar darle tiempo y ver si da algún problema

  47. deinstalar just in Colombia Polish rom without problems or significant differences have to wait that passes

  48. When for original note ha? You dont care about us this framware that we already have has alot of bugs and we cant stand that when when ?????????????

  49. @Lynx27
    shit its PLAY apk, wallpaper and bootanimation ;/

  50. Who cares about wallpapers or bootanimation? Do you switch youre phone on and of every 1 hour?
    What model do you have that you care about play wallpapers, i thing it old because now in phones theres a magic option USE AS WALLPAPER so then you woudn see the Play wallpapers. I have thecpolish rom and it great i recommend it ;)

  51. When for galaxy S2

  52. I hope s2 NEVER gets update

  53. To all people who are crying about an update: I own an most up to date android 4.1.2 version by using STABLE ROMS. Guys the ROM updates are always sooner than official updates by Samsumg. So stop crying and make your S2 A BEAST

  54. has anyone any idea to stream .pyv files from video hub from galaxy note to 10.1n tab? Galaxy tab 10.1n still seems to use old allshare and not allshare play….

  55. its so frustating sometimes, that one samsung device does not support another samsung device…grhhh….any tips guys?

  56. the update table is not moving at all…
    stuck on Poland…
    come to my country soon

  57. And where are these big updates? We have just one branded firmware from Poland! Where are the rest? Allready Samsung is proceeding in same way like with anothers: S1,S2, Note etc. And why are not giving to us Android 4.2? It has 2 months now on Google devices!

  58. I really think that samsung will skip 4.2 and go straight to 4.2.1. bcoz there is no big difference so it shouldnt be a problem and if not if will make no sense

  59. Guys.First read all the comments and previous post, cause we say many times that Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note I will take the 4.1.2 update in end of December or inside January.Samsung told officialy this news before.So wait for the moment that you’ll take for your device the update.Already they release a official leak version of 4.1.2 that means soon the complete version coming.Patience guys

  60. Still waiting for the Indian version of the update for Galaxy Note II !! Hope to Samsung does it quickly!!

  61. Sgs3 is spreading nicely, 5 new firmwares today so far, romania,2x UK, switzerland, germany, im hoping note II will start rolling out for other countries soon

  62. How come Canada is not even in the pending list….???? sigh….

  63. good there are more firmwares!

  64. Indian version (INU) android 4.1.2 is available through OTA…I have updated my Note II but I do not see the “Ink Effect” & the notification panel is still in grey color! why so?? any idea ?

    The details of the firmware are as follows:

    Android 4.1.2
    Build no: JZO54KN7100XXDLL4

  65. I just discovered a new multitouch trick in s notes, while you re having an open note if you do tripple touch zoom out it will discard your note and do an effect like you just shreded a paper, i know it is not much but i havent seen it in any review and i have seen em A LOT, try it on your own works also on 4.1.1

  66. After updating my galaxy Note II to 4.1.2 the device does not connect to my Wifi network neither in my home nor in office. (I am from India & my baseband version N7100DDDLK6, Kernel version 3.0.31-679347) While connecting to the wifi network it shows obtaining IP address and after some time pops up message as network poor. I read few online forms where number of people are having the same issue with their device post update.

    Hope Samsung fixes up this issue ASAP or else will have to shell of extra buk on my 3G bills.

  67. Samsung Update issue to 4.1.2

    After updating my galaxy Note II to 4.1.2 the device does not connect to my Wifi network neither in my home nor in office. (I am from India & my baseband version N7100DDDLK6, Kernel version 3.0.31-679347) While connecting to the wifi network it shows obtaining IP address and after some time pops up message as network poor. I read few online forms where number of people are having the same issue with their device post update.

    Hope Samsung fixes up this issue ASAP or else will have to shell of extra buk on my 3G bills.

  68. yeah..also same with problem with wifi issue

  69. I am from India. Recently updated my Note II to 4.1.2. For me, wifi connects but the speed is too slow.

  70. Checked many Sites & forums, No official comment from Samsung on Wifi bug on Galaxy Note 2 of Indian version on updating the device to 4.1.2.

    Please Samsung look into this matter urgently!!!!!

    (Even if I go to manual wifi settings and put static IP instead of Dynamic the device connects to Wifi but without internet connection, where as all other mobile devices and laptops at my home gets net from the same wifi router.

  71. @ vineethkbhat

    Ink effect works only with S Pen and yes the notification color is still grey…

    I am not facing any issue with Wi-Fi connectivity…I done factory reset after updating my Note II with 4.1.2…may be you all should try factory reset and try with Wi-Fi…

  72. I dont wanna factory resent my phone again.. And restore tons of applications and copy their data.

    Samsung should seed the patch update to rectify this bug.

    @ pandurang. . Did you had wifi issue before factory reset of your device. And will factory reset surely resolve this issue. .. any other alternative. ..

  73. After update I immediately reset my phone.

  74. Even after resetting my GN2 to factory settings the WIFI bug of 4.1.2 update did not vanish and I could not connect to any WIFI networks. Thereafter I went to Samsung Service center to do offline update after flashing the ROM but with no success and Sammies service centre agreed and escalated the issue to the higher levels..

    Meanwhlie they again flashed my device to original 4.1.1 version of OS and have requested me not update to 4.1.2 for sometime till the issue is resolved.


  75. my brother has galaxy nexus (i know its different phone) but he recieved many updates 4.0.4 -> 4.1.1 -> 4.1.2 -> 4.2 -> 4.2.1 and he was so angry bcoz it was missbehaving a lot he said it was unusable, i know this is our 1st update but at some point you will reach a status where you will have to factory reset your phone just to have a fresh start, i guess thats just how we have to do it

  76. 4.1.2 for philippines (globe) ps…. i cant wait for mine to update :) lol.

  77. I have gt-n7100 unlocked international and using it in Canada, can someone please tell me how will I get the update as its not in the list.

    Thank You

  78. Sammy… give some attention to S3…. why out of sudden releasing Note II 4.1.2 so aggresively :(

  79. Because we paid more and have newer device, we deserve more attentuon!!! Gogo release for slovakia :P

  80. yeahh.. malaysia!

  81. Philippines! YEAH!

  82. After This Update The Phone becomes bit slow in Animination Effect. You will notice minor lagging in Settings Options will not open as lighting fast as Before in 4.1.1. But Today Samsung releases Performance Update Package of Around 35 MB. Which Solve this problem.

    Current Device – Note 2
    Location – India

  83. when will be the update for Serbia (Telenor) :(

  84. Hi, I just purchased the Note 2 with Kernel Build showing Oct 10

    Kernel 3.0.31-310959

    WEd Oct. 10 21:08:07 KST 2012

    Build: JRO03C.N7100XXALJ3

    I just learned that there’s an update to 4.1.2 but it seems my device cannot detect the update. It would only say that the device has the current settings. Is there something wrong with it?
    I know it’s available in my country already (Phils.) but why can’t my device detect the update? Please help :(

  85. How long we will waiting in SLOVAKIA O2 ??? I want this…thanks

  86. With the small OTA patch update of 35 MB Samsung has finally fixed the Wifi bug on 4.1.2… thanks Sammy for your quick response on the issues reported by us.

  87. Costa Rica still waiting.. 1 month ago and here we are… a lot of american countrys still waiting

  88. If you see Note-II has been a huge hit in Pakistan and there are so many sales especially with the Telenor giving it on discounts but still Samsung couldnt just make update for its customer here

  89. Seems like note II updates have been stopped due to battery drain

  90. Hi gleefullness,

    Have you successfully update from android version 4.1.1 to 4.1.2? The Kernel Build that you indicated above is similar to mine and was not able to update to 4.1.2. I’m from Philippines too.

  91. Hi there!

    I’m from the Philippines and I still can’t update my firmware to 4.1.2. I’m a SMART subscriber. Tried updating it OTA and thru KieS.. no go.

  92. Too bad. Im not sure if dis is bcoz I have this united arab emirates located after build number under device. :(

  93. *Under about device(settings)

  94. When for russia?((

  95. Can anyone help me why I can’t update to the 4.1.2 Jellybean? My baseband is N7100XXALJ2. I’ve trie using Kies and OTA but nothing is updating. Also I’ve contacted support but they keep pointing me from one country to another. This is frustrating! I’m with T-Mobile USA by the way. Thanks.

  96. Damn updates coming out for countries that already had 4.1.2, it’ll be 2 months after 1st release, samsung is updating very badly :-/ by now i would expect 4.2 really (maybe in paralel universe)

  97. I’m new at this forum and Android. I recently updated my NoteII to 4.1.2 but now I can’t connect to WiFi. I read user murtuza4321 had the same problem and could get fixed. Said something about an Samsung OTA patch update of 35 MB but I don’t know how to search for it, where can I download it or how can I use it :S

    Please hope you can help me!

  98. I have a WIFI problem in Finland. After my Note 2 wakes from sleep, wifi speed is so slow that I have to restart wifi again. And then it works good to the next time, when I close my phablet’s screen. And this problem started after 4.1.2 update. All other devices working fine in same wifi network,(SGS2, SGS3 etc) i did already 2 times factory reset to my Note 2, and once to my router to, changed wifi channel etc. Nothings helps. And if i turn of wifi power saving mode in *#0011# settings, it drains battery to much, and that mode turns back on after every restart. I find information here, that in India was same problem after 4.1.2 update, but they get there new, 35mb update, that resolved that problem. So if somebody knows something about this problem, please help.

  99. How can I install it? I have a free Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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  101. When for Saudi Arabia..? :(

  102. Have two so called high-end Samsung products; Note II and the Note 10.1. I am currently in Saudi Arabia. Bought both the devices from here. Have been waiting for the firmware updates. Seems like I need to learn how to root the phone.

    • I’m about 1/2 step behind you…

  103. It seems like we are never going to get 4.1.2 for slovakia

  104. دانلود نمیشه کمکم کنین

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  109. i need the link to download N7100XXDLK7

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