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Samsung teams up with Jewelry Brand Stonehenge

So now and then Samsung teams up with a special kind of brand to bring exclusive phones, and we all know that Samsung loves to bring gadgets for the women like the La Fleur line
This time they teamed up with the premium Korean jewelry brand Stonehenge, to bring a very special edition of the Galaxy Note II.

The limited “Stonehenge” edition exists out of a Stonehenge headphone which has a simple but graceful design highlighted by sterling silver with Cubic Zirconia’s.


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3 comments on “Samsung teams up with Jewelry Brand Stonehenge

  1. sdsadiquemd 2 years ago said:
  2. TheUltimateOne 2 years ago said:

    This Note II looks great!

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  3. maxximuscool 2 years ago said:

    How the heck do we people put this in there pocket when the pen is sticking out like that.

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