Samsung’s new 2-in1 Chromebook might come with a stylus

Last month, a new Samsung Chromebook under the codename ‘Nautilus’ was spotted in the Chromium Repository. The details in the commits pointed to a 2-in-1 device with a detachable keyboard.

Today, Chrome Unboxed has unearthed one more interesting titbit about the device. According to new commits, Samsung’s ‘Nautilus’ is expected to come with a stowable stylus just like the Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus in 2017.

A Pixelbook Competitor?

In the new commits by Jongpil Jung, who was earlier linked to Samsung by his email address and previous Samsung Chromebook commits, there are multiple references to inserting the pen, ejecting the pen, and the stylus tools menu reacting to these actions. These actions should sound familiar to anyone who has used any Samsung’s stylus-enabled devices in the past.

Samsung’s Chromebook Pro and Chromebook Plus were announced at CES 2017, and have generated a lot of interested in the Chrome OS ecosystem. It looks like Samsung is keen on pushing the envelope even further with this detachable 2-in-1 Chromebook. When launched, Samsung’s ‘Nautilus’ will compete with Google’s PixelBook in terms of form factor and features. Since PixelBook is priced too high for a Chromebook, Samsung’s offering will have better success in the market if it’s priced reasonably.

This year, Google has officially brought Android apps to Chrome OS, thereby effectively paving the way for making Chrome OS a replacement for Android on tablets. Android’s tablet market hasn’t been going anywhere with no interest from Google. Chrome OS with Android apps might very well become the new tablet OS of choice for all the OEMs going forward.

There is a chance that this new 2-in-1 Chromebook by Samsung will make an appearance at the CES 2018, even if it doesn’t go on sale immediately given the early stages of development.


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I think the word you’re looking for is “comments” not “commits” lol. You should check you’re autocorrect.. It often inserts the wrong word if you’re not careful… Lol.

Kawshik Ahmed
Kawshik Ahmed

lol !!! He is not wrong, the word which is applied here is ‘commits’ not ‘comments’. When a developer make change or revision his code in a Project it is called commits.