New Samsung Chromebook with a detachable keyboard possibly spotted

Samsung launched the Chromebook Pro/Plus at CES 2017. The company hasn’t said as yet if it’s going to launch a new one soon. However, it appears that a new Samsung Chromebook has been spotted in the Chromium Repository. Details are slim but they do suggest that it might be one with a detachable keyboard.

If this is true, then the new Samsung Chromebook is going to be a 2-in-1 device that runs Chrome OS and is also capable of running Android apps.

New Samsung Chromebook

Chrome Unboxed discovered some changes in the Chromium Repository recently which suggested that a new Chromebook with the codename “Nautilus” is being developed. The changes suggested that this is a device with a detachable keyboard. The manufacturer wasn’t clear because the device could only be linked to a small BIOS firmware vendor called American Megatrends.

That changed recently when new commits were made to the repository by someone called Jongpil Jung. This individual has his Samsung email address linked to the repository. His name also came up during the development process of the Chromebook Pro/Plus.

So no further details are available about this new Samsung Chromebook at this point in time. The repository has revealed that it’s going to be powered by a Kaby Lake processor from Intel.

Given that the Chromebook appears to be in the early stages of development, we might not see it being unveiled at CES 2018 come January.

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