Samsung’s first mobile chipset with AMD graphics could launch in 2021


Last updated: August 5th, 2019 at 17:59 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s first mobile chipset to feature AMD graphics might be released in 2021. This is according to a recent Notebookcheck report citing AMD CEO Lisa Su during a Q2 earnings call.

No other details pertaining to the Samsung-AMD collaboration have been revealed but, as a reminder, the partnership is not new. The companies announced their newfound alliance a couple of months ago when the idea of a Samsung gaming mobile device started sounding like a real possibility.

Mobile gaming hardware to become more prevalent

The fact that mobile gaming is still growing in popularity has prompted a few smartphone manufacturers to create smartphones dedicated to gaming. Although these early gaming devices may have not made too big of a dent into the market yet, it looks like more smartphone OEMs entertain the idea of creating their own mobile gaming machines. They anticipate that the 5G era will popularize the concept even further.

Today, gaming phones usually promise better cooling and often come with some form of RGB exterior lighting. But more importantly, mobile gaming enthusiasts expect a good chipset in their phones, complete with a powerful GPU.

Samsung might want a piece of the mobile gaming market

Samsung’s smartphones are powered either by ARM Mali or Adreno graphics chips, depending on whether the device has an Exynos or Qualcomm SoC. However, Samsung’s collaboration with AMD, who is a graphics chip powerhouse and powers the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, might put the South Korean company on the map as a manufacturer who’s serious about gaming phones beyond the point of adding some gaming-oriented software features to devices like the Galaxy Note 9.

If the tentative 2021 launch date for Samsung’s first AMD-powered chipset will materialize then we might get to see Samsung’s first gaming-oriented mobile device making its debut in a couple of years.

Do you have any expectations from a gaming smartphone? What features would you like to see Samsung adopting for its first hypothetical gaming phone? Is RGB lighting important to you? Do you feel like Samsung should not make a gaming phone at all? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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