[Update] Is this the Samsung Zero Bezel 8K TV?

Update: As it turns out, the source that floated these renders isn’t accurate. They’re images from an existing Samsung site. It seems we’ll have to wait until CES 2020 to get our first glimpse of the Zero Bezel TV.

Original story:

We reported two days ago that Samsung could possibly launch a truly Zero Bezel TV at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2020. A pair of renders have now surfaced online, apparently giving us our first look at this groundbreaking new TV.

CES would be the perfect stage for Samsung to unveil this TV. The company already has a history of launching its new premium TVs at the convention in Las Vegas. There’s no reason why it should be any different for the Zero Bezel 8K TV.

Samsung Zero Bezel 8K TV renders surface

Earlier reports have indicated that the bezel-less TV is only going to be available in sizes 65-inch and higher. This could either mean that the manufacturing process is so complicated that it’s not suited to smaller sizes, or that Samsung wants to further differentiate its top-end TV lineup from the competition.

It’s also believed that the Zero Bezel TV is going to have an 8K panel. Samsung has apparently been able to achieve a truly bezel-less look by welding the display panel directly with the body. The company must be fully confident in its structural integrity as the Zero Bezel TV isn’t said to be just a concept. Samsung is reportedly going to start mass-producing it from February.

There’s not much else to go on right now. It’s unclear how much the Samsung Zero Bezel 8K TV is going to cost. One thing’s for sure, though, it’s going to cost a pretty penny. We’ll be sure to bring you all of the updates from CES 2020 as they come in. It seems like Samsung is going to significantly raise the bar for premium TVs this year.


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