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Samsung designed its new USB-C chargers for extreme energy efficiency


Last updated: June 12th, 2020 at 07:51 UTC+02:00

Power efficiency isn’t the first thing that comes into the mind when we look at a smartphone charger. Most people think about how fast a charger can fill up their smartphone’s battery or how convenient it is to use. However, Samsung has designed its new USB Type-C chargers to be as energy-efficient as possible to reduce power waste.

Samsung thinks that small adjustments to our daily routines could lead to significant environmental benefits. So, the company has developed chargers that are power-efficient while they are charging a device and when they’re not. Moreover, the South Korean brand’s new chargers are made by recycled material and are safe from fire and other such hazards while being aesthetically pleasing.

Galaxy smartphones’ chargers feature fast charging, and some of them provide 15W, 25W, and even 45W of power, thereby saving your time. While they’re charging your smartphone, they operate at the energy efficiency level of over 80 percent, meeting the European Union’s standard for Level VI ErP (Energy-Related Products) certification.

Even when a charger is not connected to a phone, it ends up drawing power from the socket. Standby power consumption is said to be a significant contributor to power waste. So, the company has embedded software into the charger that puts it to sleep when it is not connected to a device. When the software detects a connected device, it wakes up the charger.

Samsung 25W 45W USB Type-C PD Chargers

Plastic waste is a massive problem for the whole world, so Samsung is using recycled materials such as PCM (Post-Consumer Material) for manufacturing smartphone chargers. This helps in reducing the amount of potentially harmful substances are produced while manufacturing plastic. Samsung claims that it has used over 5,000 tons of PCM to make smartphone chargers.

Samsung engineers hope that consumers also look at power efficiency ratings of smartphone chargers while choosing a new smartphone and make an environmentally conscious decision to make the world a greener place.

Samsung Engineers Smartphone Chargers

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