Samsung USA offers free Galaxy Buds with Galaxy S10 Lite

Samsung is now offering a complimentary pair of Galaxy Buds to everyone who purchases the unlocked version of the Galaxy S10 Lite in the United States. The deal that adds over $100 to the value of the overall package comes less than two weeks after the Galaxy S10 Lite released stateside with a $649.99 price tag. Carrier variants of the Galaxy S10 Lite aren’t encompassed by the new offer, though the proposal is still rather attractive seeing how it allows you to potentially get your hands on a Snapdragon 855 device and a high-end wearable for under $400 in total.

The newly introduced deal is primarily targeting prospective buyers who aren’t eligible for $250 in instant trade-in credit from Samsung. While the two promotions can’t be combined, you can still get the wearable free of charge alongside regular trade-in value for select handsets. For example, parting with your old Galaxy Note 8 would net you both the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Buds for $509.99, or just the former for $399.99. The difference mostly corresponds to the current price tag attached to the Galaxy Buds in the U.S. – $109.99. On the bright side, you’re still eligible for two months of YouTube Premium to go along with your new Galaxy S10 Lite and complimentary Galaxy Buds.

Finally, Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10 Lite promotion applies to all four Galaxy Buds colors: Black, White, Yellow, and Aura Glow Silver. Assuming you place your order today, Samsung estimates your new smartphone and accompanying wearable will ship by Monday, May 4th.

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