Samsung suffers a loss in China patent lawsuit against Huawei

You’ve all heard of Samsung’s legal battles with Apple. The company has also been fighting with Chinese behemoth Huawei in court for over a year now. Huawei accused Samsung of patent infringement back in 2016, it claimed that Samsung had used its 4G communications technology, user interface software, and operating systems in its smartphones without a license.

A verdict handed down in one of those lawsuits ordered Samsung to pay $11.6 million to Huawei for patent infringement. Huawei has won yet another lawsuit against Samsung now in China. Samsung also filed its own patent infringement lawsuits against Huawei but it hasn’t scored a victory as yet.

Samsung vs Huawei

Information released by a Chinese court confirmed today that Huawei has won a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung. The court ruled that Samsung infringed on two of Huawei’s patents involving fourth-generation phone technology.

Samsung has been ordered to stop selling or manufacturing the products infringing on these patents immediately but the ruling doesn’t mention any specific smartphone models.

Shenzhen Intermediate Court ruled in Huawei’s favor after observing that Samsung had “maliciously delayed negotiations” that started on July 11 and therefore it was “obviously at fault.”

Samsung is now considering its legal options. The company said that it’s going to “thoroughly review the court’s decision and determine appropriate responses.”

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