Samsung ordered to pay $11.6 million to Huawei for patent infringement

Huawei accused Samsung of patent infringement 11 months ago, saying that the Korean company was guilty of unlicensed use of 4G communications technology, user interface software, and operating systems in its smartphones. Huawei sought compensation from Samsung for patent infringement.

Samsung responded to that by saying that it would file its own patent infringement lawsuit against Huawei and two months later, it did just that. Samsung sued Huawei through multiple courts in China over alleged infringement of six of its patents.

The Quanzhou Intermediary Court has ruled in Huawei’s favor and ordered Samsung to pay $11.6 million in damages for patent infringement. This is the first such verdict on several lawsuits that Huawei has filed against Samsung.

Huawei has said that it welcomes the court’s ruling while Samsung says that it’s going to decide on its response after properly reviewing the decision. The court has also ordered Samsung to stop infringing on Huawei’s patents effective immediately.


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