Samsung’s SSD sales could soon be boosted by a Sony PS5 update


Last updated: February 26th, 2021 at 18:41 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s memory business could soon enjoy a sudden increase in sales on the back of the Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5). The latest console was released late last year with certain missing functionalities and Sony confirmed at launch that the PS5’s M.2 storage expansion slot will be enabled through a future update. Well, according to Bloomberg, said firmware update will be released this summer. As a result, countless PS5 owners are now looking at Samsung for SSD solutions.

The Sony PS5 ships with 825GB of built-in SSD storage and although that might sound like a lot, it really isn’t enough for many PS5 owners who may want to play more than a couple of demanding AAA games. Fans of Activision’s popular FPS franchise Call of Duty are already facing storage issues, so the upcoming PS5 firmware update is a pretty big deal for many gamers.

The PS5 will require very fast SSDs and Samsung has the solution

Sony has yet to confirm which SSDs will be compatible with the PS5 once the M.2 slot will be enabled through the upcoming firmware update, which means that PS5 owners should probably hold off from buying any SSDs until Sony reveals more details.

But according to sources cited by Bloomberg, the upcoming firmware update will reportedly allow the PS5’s cooling fans to run at faster speeds, and this change is necessary because external SSDs will have to keep up with the speed of the on-board storage. The SSDs generate more heat as a result, so the fans must be capable of keeping temperatures in check.

With the PS5 requiring a very powerful SSD, chances are that the majority of PS5 owners who’ll want to expand the storage will be looking at Samsung for a solution. Samsung’s SSDs are held in high-regard and the 980 Pro SSD should be a great choice for PS5 owners, at least in theory. It’s blazing-fast and it outperforms the PS5 on-board storage solution with faster read and write speeds. A high-capacity 2TB version was also released a couple of months ago.

Once again, Sony has yet to reveal a list of compatible SSDs for the PS5, but once it does, it could greatly benefit Samsung’s memory business. In essence, there’s potential for every PS5 owner to become a Samsung SSD customer later this summer.

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