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Samsung promises to improve certain annoyances of its first QD-OLED TV


Last updated: May 16th, 2022 at 14:57 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s first QD-OLED TV, the S95B, was launched a few weeks ago. According to the first set of reviews, the new TV one-ups LG’s latest-generation OLED TV in picture quality and brightness. However, an annoying bug was discovered in the S95B, and Samsung has promised to fix it.

According to noted TV reviewer and professional calibrator Vincent Teoh from HDTVTest, Samsung has promised that it will release a software update to fix the window size discrepancy found in the S95B. It was revealed that the luminance level of the TV with the industry-standard 10% window size (used for picture quality measurement) was perfect in the Filmmaker Mode. However, it faltered whenever a non-standard window size (such as 9%) was used for the measurement.

This bug (or design?) resulted in some brighter areas of a video being displayed brighter than what was intended by the filmmaker, thereby ruining the experience. After this issue was discovered, Samsung accepted its shortcoming and promised to fix it.

Samsung’s new QD-OLED TV has a wider color gamut, higher brightness, and wider viewing angles than LG’s flagship OLED TV. The S95B also lacks any temporary image retention, which plagues LG’s OLED TVs. If the South Korean firm can fix weird luminance levels at non-standard measurement window sizes, it could be the best TV in the high-end segment.

You can learn more about APL (average picture level) and HDR luminance in HDTVTest’s video below.

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