Samsung Pay Land set up to promote Samsung Pay in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress 2018 will start from February 26 in Barcelona, Spain. A day earlier at a special event there, Samsung will officially unveil the hotly anticipated Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. There is no doubt the Galaxy S9 duo will be the biggest attraction of the show with all the hype surrounding them. While all the focus is on the new devices, Samsung Spain wants to utilize this opportunity to promote Samsung Pay more widely in the country.

Aimed at promoting Samsung Pay

Samsung Spain has set up a dedicated space named Samsung Pay Land at the Plaza de Catalunya in Barcelona to promote and create awareness about its mobile payment service. The set up is designed as a vintage amusement park where visitors can have fun and purchase products designed exclusively for the occasion. Samsung Pay Land will be open to the public from February 23 to March 4.

Samsung’s staff at the Samsung Pay Land will have Galaxy flagship smartphones configured with Samsung Pay to let the visitors experience Samsung’s mobile payment service. Samsung’s expert staff will also explain to the public on how to set-up Samsung Pay, add loyalty cards, accumulate points, earn Samsung Rewards, etc. The staff will assist those willing to activate Samsung Pay on compatible phones.

Samsung Spain has been quite aggressive in marketing Samsung Pay so far. The team frequently comes up with press releases detailing new features and celebrating every milestone by Samsung Pay in Spain. The efforts are paying off well with Samsung Pay becoming the most widely used mobile payment service in the country and processing more than 100 million euros worth of transactions in Spain so far. Last year alone, the service was used for more than two million transactions in Spain.


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And Samsung should stop with blocking Samsung Pay to the phone’s CSC… It’s ridiculous and decrease the possible number of users…


But most of Europe don’t have it, great Samsung, amazing strategy