Samsung-Netflix collab brings exclusive content to Galaxy owners

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones are officially the best handsets for Netflix consumption, thanks to a new partnership that will bring exclusive Netflix content to Galaxy smartphone users.

The two companies have joined hands at Unpacked in San Francisco and announced that Galaxy smartphone owners will be able to enjoy exclusive content for Netflix originals like Narcos and more.

Interestingly enough – and much like Unpacked itself – this exclusive video content will be captured by the directors using the camera on the back of the Galaxy S20. This is yet another way for Samsung to show just how confident it is in its latest flagship phones, especially when it comes to camera configurations.

The exclusive Netflix content will be accessible only by Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners, and the new partnership will also ensure that the streaming platform will be better-integrated with Samsung’s content-discovery platforms like Bixby, Daily, and Finder. This will make it easier for viewers to search for and find their favorite shows.


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