Samsung to increase OLED supply for Apple’s newest iPhone

Once again, Samsung is the main supplier of OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone. The Cupertino-based company recently launched its new iPhones and is now working hard to sell as many units as possible.

It appears that there’s stiff demand for the new devices as Samsung is reportedly going to increase OLED supply for the newest iPhones. According to reports, Samsung Display is now expected to ship up to 50 million OLED display panels for the iPhone in the second half of this year.

Samsung Display may supply up to 50 million iPhone OLED panels

Samsung’s display affiliate is currently the primary supplier of OLED panels for Samsung. It accounts for 90 percent of all OLED supplies for the iPhone, this includes newer models like the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max as well. The models with LCD displays have panels from the likes of LG Display and Sharp. Apple has brought on LG Display as an OLED screen vendor as well. It’s supplying a fraction of the OLED panels for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The report mentions that Samsung Display supplied 22.2 million OLED panels to Apple in the third quarter ending September. 9.9 million of those units were shipped in the month of September alone, a 40 percent increase compared to the 6.9 million units initially planned.

Samsung Display is now expected to ship 9.8 million units and 5 million units in the month of October and November respectively. Adding in the expected supply for the month of December, the total number of panels shipped to Apple this year could likely hit 50 million.

Increased demand for the iPhone 11 certainly works in Samsung’s favor as well. The conglomerate will see higher revenues and operating profit for its display affiliate should Apple’s latest flagship do well.


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