Galaxy Z Flip goes on sale today, stocks quickly running out

Last year, there was a two-month gap between the Galaxy Fold’s official unveiling and its initial release date. But for its second foldable phone, Samsung isn’t wasting any time. Announced on February 11, the Galaxy Z Flip is already on sale in the US and Korea. However, as we learned yesterday, Samsung ran out of stock in Korea in around eight hours, and things aren’t as simple in the US, either.

Right now, the unlocked Galaxy Z Flip is out of stock on the Samsung US website. If you wish to purchase Samsung’s clamshell foldable, you only have the option of going with the carrier-locked version from AT&T or Sprint, though you will get a neat little discount if you buy the phone from Samsung’s website and trade-in your existing phone. The highest you will get is $440 off the $1380 full price of the phone if you trade-in a Galaxy Note 10+, and the discount also applies if you decide to go with an installment plan.

If you order the AT&T or Sprint version, the device will start shipping from February 18th. If you want one today itself, the best option is to try and find a local store that has the Galaxy Z Flip in stock. You could also just wait for stocks to replenish on Samsung’s website for the unlocked model. That may take a few days, though, as Samsung makes its foldable phones in limited quantities.

When is the Galaxy Z Flip coming to other markets? Well, Samsung doesn’t have a proper date to tell us, though it is taking pre-orders/pre-bookings in many countries, and you can check if that’s the case in your country by visiting your local Samsung website. Do check out our hands-on impressions of the device as well — and look forward to a full review soon — if you’re interested in picking one up.


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I just came back from one of Samsung stores here in London and it’s available here too. I played with it for a while and it’s not as long and tall as I thought. Still not the phone for me. I still prefer the first fold.
Samsung should have put a bigger outside screen like the Razr to minimise the need to constantly open it if you just want to check and read messages. Also, a bigger viewfinder for the selfie snap.


One would be totally crazy to trade in a Samsung Galaxy Note10 plus for this thing. It’s nice looking but it’s a huge downgrade from a Note10 or Note10 plus.