Galaxy Buds+ render reveals new blue color, updated case design

The first wearable device Samsung will launch in 2020 is likely to be the successor to the Galaxy Buds. The Galaxy Buds+, as they are set to be called, have been making numerous online appearances in recent weeks, and animations found in an updated version of Samsung’s SmartThings app had revealed that both the Buds+ (and their charging case) will have the same design as the Galaxy Buds. Now, a render of the Galaxy Buds+ leaked by 91Mobiles is providing us another look at the upcoming wireless earbuds.

Buds+ case could have individual earbud charging status indicator

The render shows the buds and the charging case in blue, which we had exclusively revealed as one of the color options the Buds+ will be available in. The render also reveals a slightly updated case – there seem to be physical L and R buttons below the case’s charging indication LED, and it’s possible pressing either of these buttons will show the charging status of the individual earbud. On the Galaxy Buds, the only way to check individual earbud battery level is through the Galaxy Wearable app on a connected smartphone.

Unfortunately, there’s still no solid information on what features we can expect from the Galaxy Buds+. Active noise cancellation is the most plausible suspect, as Samsung would probably want to take the fight to the Apple AirPods Pro, but everything is speculation at this time. Hopefully, some useful details will show up as we move closer to the official unveiling of the Galaxy Buds+, which is expected to take place at the same event where the Galaxy S11/S20 and the Galaxy Fold 2 will be announced.


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Hope they upgrade the design of the case, currently the magnetic connection that holds and charges the ear buds are very weak. The buds fall out with little effort and easily move around when you have the case opened.

Better sound and battery life is a plus for me. I dont care for having noise cancellation because I like using one bud at a time while I’m working so I can hear my environment, but at the same time listen to music and easily answer a phone call.


Really like my Galaxy buds. Best fitting Bluetooth buds I’ve ever owned. These look good but I wouldn’t upgrade as passive noise cancellation is excellent already, even on a plane. You can easily check if your Galaxy buds 1 are both fully charged without looking at the phone app. It’s a nice quick trick. When you open the case, if the light is green, both are obviously fully charged. If the light is red, take out one bud, if the light goes green, the one in the case is fully charged and the one in your hand isn’t, and vice… Read more »