Galaxy Buds+ buyers in Korea can mix and match colors for a limited time


Last updated: April 30th, 2020 at 17:58 UTC+02:00

Samsung is hosting an event for Galaxy Buds+ enthusiasts in South Korea, allowing participants to mix and match the wearable’s different color options and buy their own custom creations. The Galaxy Buds+ in South Korea come in five colors including black, blue, pink, red, and white, so fans will have plenty of combinations with which they can experiment.

Judging by the promotional material for the event, Samsung allows participants to mix and match different colors for the buds and charging case. For example, people can combine two earbuds of the same flavor with a case of another color, or they can pick a different hue for each earbud.

However, it doesn’t look like participants have the option to mix and match different colors for the ear wings and ear tips.

This could be a great way to sell the Galaxy Buds+ online

This event is interesting in itself, but it being bound to South Korea is a bit of a shame for everyone living outside of Samsung’s home country. Besides, it runs for a limited time from May 1 to June 30. Nevertheless, it got us thinking that this could be a great way to sell the Galaxy Buds+ online in other markets around the world.

Perhaps the logistics of this would lead to complications, but allowing custom color combinations would make the Galaxy Buds+ stand out even more among its rivals. Maybe it could even convince more prospective buyers to pick the Galaxy Buds+ as their next wireless earbuds. Samsung already has a bigger focus than its competitors on color options, and going one step further could potentially increase sales.

What would your favorite color combination look like?

Would you like Samsung to give you the option to mix and match different Galaxy Buds+ colors when ordering the product online? Which would be your favorite color combination? Feel free to let us know below. And remember, your comment isn’t restricted by the event’s rules, so you can push things to the next level with different color combos for the earbuds, case, as well as the ear tips and wings.

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