Samsung details March 2018 security patch

As Samsung continues to roll out the February 2018 security patch to more devices, the company has now detailed the latest security maintenance release for the month of March 2018. While it has only been about a week or so since the company ramped up the release of last month’s patch, device owners can now start looking forward to receiving the latest patch for March 2018.

March 2018 security patch

Samsung today detailed the March 2018 security patch which brings all of the fixes that are part and parcel of Google’s Android Security Bulletin – March 2018 package.

It brings fixes for nine critical vulnerabilities that were discovered in the Android operating system as well as scores of high-risk and moderate-risk vulnerabilities. No low-risk vulnerabilities were discovered which is why the patch doesn’t bring any fixes for them.

The most severe vulnerability that was patched by Google in this latest release could enable a remote attacker to use a specially crafted file to execute arbitrary code in the context of a privileged process on the device.

Also included in Samsung’s latest security maintenance release are fixes for five Samsung Vulnerabilities and Exposures (SVE) that were discovered in the company’s own software. The security patch that Samsung will start rolling out in the near future which include fixes from both Samsung and Google.

Samsung has developed something of a habit recently to start the rollout of new security maintenance releases by rolling them out first to mid-range devices. That’s what it did last month as well so there’s sufficient reason to believe that the March 2018 security patch will first be released to mid-range devices.

Expect Samsung to start rolling out the March 2018 security patch in the coming days. It’s still in the process of sending out the February 2018 patch. It did so at a leisurely pace last month as it had its hands full with the Galaxy S8 Oreo update so it’s likely that some devices that didn’t receive last month’s patch will skip straight to the March 2018 patch.

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