Samsung to conduct first multi-vendor 5G trial in Europe with Cisco and Orange

Samsung has been working with partners in key markets across the globe to showcase how far its 5G technology has come. The company conducted its first multi-vendor 5G trial with Verizon and Cisco in the United States nine months ago as part of Samsung’s focus on early ecosystem development with IT and telecom partners to build alignment and stability around the 5G platform. It will now conduct the first multi-vendor 5G fixed wireless trial in Europe with Cisco and Orange.

First multi-vendor 5G fixed wireless trial in Europe

Samsung, Orange and Cisco will work together on a 5G millimeter wave trial in the second half of this year across multiple homes in Romania. This trial will make Orange the first operator to conduct a multi-vendor 5G fixed wireless access customer trial in Europe.

The trial will be conducted over a month-long period and will be set up as a multi-vendor environment. The idea here is to demonstrate how 5G can complement existing fiber networks to provide users with high-speed bandwidth services.

Samsung and Cisco will provide Orange with an end-to-end solution for a gigabit-powered experience to trial customers. Samsung will supply the commercial 5G home routers, 5G Radio Access Units and 5G radio frequency planning services.

Samsung continues to focus on the advancement of 5G technology and these trials will help promote this next generation network. The company recently demonstrated a video call over 5G and also revealed a prototype 5G tablet. 5G networks are expected to go live in some parts of the world by next year.

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