Samsung CEO Kim Hyun-seok will host a CES 2020 keynote on January 6

CES 2020 is two months away and Samsung is seemingly already making preparations for the upcoming event. The trade show will officially open its doors to attendees on January 8.

CEO Kim Hyun-seok will take the stage at CES in Las Vegas on January 6, according to Korean publication The Investor. He will reportedly discuss Samsung’s vision surrounding the consumer lifestyle of the future.

Kim Hyun-seok to take the stage at CES 2020

The subject matter does indeed sound a bit vague but the company is likely going to touch on the concept of IoT, much like it did during SDC 2019. For years, Samsung has been working on bringing customers together on a unified platform for various types of devices, ranging from appliances to wearables. The discussion will also likely revolve around 5G to a degree, and how faster Internet speeds can change the tech landscape.

Samsung could also bring some of its existing products at CES 2020, particularly because the company managed to bag no less than 46 CES 2020 Innovation Awards for products released since April 1, 2019. You can read more about which devices have won the awards in our recent story and perhaps get a glimpse at some of the existing technologies and products that will be showcased (again) at the next CES.


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