Samsung’s 2021 QLED smart TV series is breaking domestic sales records

Samsung’s brand-new 2021 QLED smart TV series is performing very well in South Korea, where the company claims that the 2021 TV lineup has been selling twice as fast as the predecessor did a year ago. The company claims that roughly 40,000 QLED TVs were sold in South Korea between March 3 and April 23, and 25% of sales were attributed to the 2021 Neo QLED smart TV series.

In other words, Samsung was able to sell 10,000 Neo QLED smart TV models in South Korea in less than two months since the new TVs were introduced in March. The majority of buyers have gravitated towards larger screens, with 75% of New QLED smart TV customers opting for a 75-inch-or-higher diagonal.

According to the GM of Samsung Electronics Korea, the strong market performance is the result of leading market trends through differentiated technology and various functions that reflect the lifestyles of consumers. The Neo QLED lineup boasts a new solar-powered remote, AMD Freesync Premium Pro, a 120Hz refresh rate with a low 5.8ms response time, and an edge-to-edge display design.

But aside from these impressive tech characteristics, the other reason why Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs have been so successful in South Korea is because of Samsung’s marketing campaigns. Since April 1, the company’s been offering discounts of up to 1 million won ($900) to Neo QLED TVs customers who trade in an older TV.

Of course, sales figures were also helped by the fact that more people are now spending a lot more time at home, so the strong momentum will likely be maintained for at least a few more months.

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