Recent update breaks fingerprint registration on Samsung Galaxy A50


Last updated: November 15th, 2019 at 12:41 UTC+02:00

A recent update for the Galaxy A50 seems to break the fingerprint registration process on the device, despite improved fingerprint recognition being the purported benefit of the update.

Galaxy A50 fingerprint registration problems after update

Only a few days ago, an update was supposed to improve fingerprint recognition on the Galaxy A50. As usual, the changelog of the update advised the user to re-register fingerprint in order to benefit from the new software. However, since then, we’ve received many reports about the registration process being broken in firmware versions A505FNXXS3ASK9 and A505FDDS3ASK8.

For many users, things work normally until the registration process reaches 41 percent completion, GalaxyClub reports. It either takes many attempts to finish the process, or the device breaks it off with a notification: ‘Make sure the fingerprint sensor is clean and dry, then try again’. Other users report finishing the process, only to have their A50 reject the freshly registered fingerprints. We have managed to reproduce these issues on our own device, confirming user reports from various countries.

galaxy a50 fingerprint scanner bug

No solution for the problems yet

There is no doubt the recent update contains a bug, causing these problems to emerge. Thankfully, this means the solution can also be brought to the phone by means of another update. It is up to Samsung to fix this bug and roll out a solution. For now, we can only advise you to keep using your old fingerprint registrations, in case you have not yet deleted those, as they seem to work fine. Alternatively, you can use other methods to protect your Galaxy A50, such as facial recognition, PIN or password.

Needless to say, we’ll keep you posted about any fixes when they roll out. Have you faced issues with fingerprint registration on your Galaxy A50 after the recent update? Let us know in the comments!

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