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The last major update for the Samsung Internet browser brought features like Night Mode and Tracking Blocker. It was released two months ago. Samsung tested these features in a beta version of the browser first about five months back.

The latest Samsung Internet Beta v6.4 is out now in the Galaxy Apps Store and the Google Play Store. It brings some download management improvements alongside a host of bug fixes. These improvements will be really useful for those who tend to download a lot of files online.

New Samsung Internet Beta

When users download a file from a website using Samsung Internet Beta v6.4, they will get a prompt which will enable them to rename the file. Once they’ve downloaded it, the browser will display a new prompt that lets them open it.

As before, users can see the progress in the notification for large downloads. They will also be able to pause and resume the download directly in the notification UI from now on. These controls can be revealed by swiping down on the notification with two fingers or by tapping down on the arrow.

The new Download History UI which will display all previous and current downloads. It can be accessed from Bookmarks > History > Download history. Downloads can be paused and resumed from here as well while items can also be deleted from the history.

Samsung Internet Beta v6.4 is now available for download from the Galaxy Apps Store and the Galaxy Play Store. You can also download it from our APK page. It may be a while before this feature exits the beta channel.

Latest Samsung Internet Beta


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8 days 9 hours ago

Using Samsung Internet version (Stable version) and I have this feature of download manager for weeks now!
Also there is Ultra Data savings option which shows data savings’ statistics.

8 days 11 hours ago

I have this feature for months now since I updated to the Samsung Internet v7.0.

8 days 10 hours ago

We are in the future lol

8 days 10 hours ago

Same. Since November or early December

8 days 12 hours ago

We been knew.