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New logo trademark hints at Samsung smart glasses yet again

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Last updated: February 14th, 2018 at 10:22 UTC+01:00

It has been rumored for more than four years now that Samsung could make its very own smart glasses similar to Google Glass. Some reports have even suggested that the wearable device would be called Gear Glass offer more advanced features than Google Glass. The company hasn't released any such device so far but a new logo trademark has now surfaced which suggests that there may be hope yet for Samsung smart glasses.

Samsung smart glasses

Samsung has tons of patents detailing technologies and features for wearable smart glasses. Based on those patents, we reported two years ago that they will enable Samsung's smart glasses to offer features that Google Glass can only dream of.

The company still has all of those patents and may have advanced some of those technologies even further. Samsung itself hasn't revealed any plans of launching wearable smart glasses but it has filed to trademark a rather interesting logo which doesn't fit in with any of its existing products.

The trademark filing's description reveals that it may be used for “Smart glasses,” “Computerized vision-assisted eyewear consisting of a camera / computer / display for capturing / processing / displaying an image,” and “(computer hardware for analyzing and configuring vision-assisting eyewear” among many other uses.

It mentions vision assistance multiple times in the filing which suggests that this product, if it's real, may be positioned as more than just a regular wearable product under the Gear family. It may serve a medical purpose as well by allowing owners to use their prescription lenses if need be.

A trademark filing isn't enough to ascertain whether or not a product is going to be out soon. It's circumstantial evidence at best and one that warrants attention because of the timing. Will we see something like this being announced alongside the Galaxy S9 on February 25? That remains a mystery for now.

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