New Galaxy Note 9 rumors point to 6.4-inch display, 4,000 mAh battery

Galaxy Note 9 rumors are likely to pick up steam in the coming weeks, as we move further from the Galaxy S9’s worldwide release and closer to the launch of Samsung’s next flagship. Two such rumors have surfaced online today, and they suggest the Galaxy Note 9 will come with a 6.4-inch display and possibly a 4,000 mAh battery. Sound too good to be true? Well, if Samsung has decided to implement an in-display fingerprint sensor on the Note 9, it would technically have the space it requires to fit in a large battery and also be able to increase the display size ever so slightly.

In-display fingerprint sensor to make upgrades in other areas possible?

It’s not the first time we’re hearing about the Note 9 having a larger display. A recent report had said that Samsung was marching ahead with production on the Note 9’s 6.38-inch display, and the report did come from a trustworthy source. The increased screen estate could be a result of Samsung further slimming down the bezels around the Infinity display, or perhaps made possible by the increased space Samsung would require for the in-display fingerprint sensor. It’s too early to tell, and all we can do is speculate. In fact, Ice universe, the popular leakster who has been right about a great deal of things in the past, says the battery could have either 3,850 or 4,000 mAh capacity, suggesting Samsung may not have reached a final decision about many aspects of its upcoming flagships.

And that’s normal, too, since the company tends to test a few prototypes and then release the one that works best. If history is any guide, rumors that point toward significant upgrades – especially in battery capacity – often turn out to be a bit more smoke than fire, so it would be best to keep a lid on our anticipation until something concrete shows up, which could take a while.

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  • Wild unsubstantiated speculation. The Note9 will have a 3500mah or slight possibility of 3600mah battery. I guarantee it. The screen will probably be very slightly bigger due to smaller bezels and it will have a fingerprint scanner on the back in the S9 plus position. There will be a brighter screen than on Note8, plus camera improvements beyond what's on the S9 plus, new colours, possibly 128gb base storage. Now this is a sensible made up rumour, and far more believable.

    • You forgot to mention that software and security updates will come several years later after launch.

      • It's April 11 and I have March security update. Got it March 13th. That's not several years. Stop being a parrot, repeating the same comment every time.

        • Well that just wonderful for you but i'm still here on a January patch and still no sign of Oreo OTA in the UK on my network. I'm sure things all all dandy over there for you but you have to realise that this is where Samsung are failing and upsetting many customers with its very sub standard update policy. There's a reason i keep repeating the same message and that is to get the message across to more people, If i phone up Samsung and complain it will have 0 impact. This way at least highlights the fact to many customers of the problems that you could fall into buy buying one of there phones. I'm sorry i'm not such a fanboy as some are.

          • And as if by magic the Oreo update has finally arrived. It's only taken since Aug 21st '07 - 8 months !

        • It's April 11th and I have 1st of January 2018 security patch on unlocked note 8 bought directly from Samsung. Just goes to show how poor samsung are on software updates.....

        • Your case is just the good example, here I have a XEU device and I get update regularly one month later they are released (if I don't check manually it's even worse). We have to say that Samsung updates it's devices (not talking about if it could do more or not) but its updates management is a mess and we all know this

        • consider yourself Lucky, Be Happy and stop telling others that they should stop telling the truth, this comment should be the first one on any side.... Samsungs software update department is a big joke, not matter wich in wich case, security or major os updates. It's getting ever worser from year to year and now they are selling such devices like enterprise editions wich guaratee monthly security updates instead of giving it to all devices like they should... they try to sell android security eco system as an extra service, For their 1000 Bucks flagships xD this is a step in apple wannabe direction with their software as service policy...

  • I'm quite happy and content with my Note8. Wil probably keep it for at least 4 years or until something breaks.

  • Doubt it would be a big change in the note 9 as it will follow the same design strategy as the s9 they took this year.

    To save money and get bigger profit margins. Expectations are the following:
    - same design as note 8 but maybe smally bezel by 1mm
    - will be fatter and wider device
    - same screen sIze, battery, 128gb on board storage
    - same camera as s9+ front and back with slight tweeks with sw
    - dual speaker as s9+

    Only thing new would be the FPS under the screen as this will be the early test for S10

    Price will be £1000

    • I agree with you on most points, but how do you expect the device to be"fatter and wider" if you say the screen size will probably be the same size in addition to the bezels slimming down by 1mm?

  • Yep 4000mAh should be the right size if not more and make it wider, at least as wide as the S6 edge + for better content consumption, Note 8 is too narrow.

  • If they make those upgrades i will definitely buy note 9, however i am still happy with my note 8 and its snappy performance.
    Its human nature to want more, stop complaining guys and be grateful for what you have.

    • won't happen. the 2:1 ratio keeps the phone smaller and is better suited to multi-window use. Plus it lets you shoot 16:9 video and keep the shutter button and controls away from the video window.