iPhone 13 could destroy a key advantage of Galaxy flagships


Last updated: September 13th, 2021 at 13:42 UTC+02:00

Apple’s next iPhone, the iPhone 13, is expected to be unveiled later this week. It will likely bring some key upgrades over the iPhone 12 lineup, and if recent rumors are to be believed, it will also copy a key advantage that owners of Samsung Galaxy flagships have enjoyed for years.

According to an industry analyst, Apple will be dropping the 64GB storage configuration for all new iPhone models this year. Storage on the entire iPhone 13 lineup will reportedly start at 128GB. If the rumor is true, then it will only have taken Apple three years to catch up to what Samsung has been offering to its customers for years.

Apple could offer better storage options than Samsung this year

The Galaxy Note 9 was the first flagship from Samsung that came with a minimum of 128GB of storage, and it’s been the case for all Galaxy S and Galaxy Note flagships since then. However, it seems Apple will also sell a 1TB variant of the costlier iPhone 13 models. Samsung, meanwhile, is only giving the option of 256GB or 512GB of storage on its top-of-the-line phones these days.

We guess you could say that Apple will not only match what Samsung offers when it comes to storage but also surpass it. In fact, with neither company providing microSD expansion on its flagship phones, Apple is actually going to have more robust choices for those who prefer local storage to the cloud.

Samsung will hopefully fix that with the Galaxy S22 series, though we have a feeling the only way most fans will be satisfied is if the microSD slot makes a return. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen.

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