Has the Galaxy S21 aged well? Our long-term review is live on YouTube


Last updated: October 26th, 2021 at 16:15 UTC+01:00

It’s been roughly nine months since Samsung introduced the Galaxy S21 series at the beginning of 2021. With the Galaxy S22 series seemingly around the corner, it’s high time for us to look back at the time we spent with the Galaxy S21 and offer our long-term review of this device.

Did the base Galaxy S21 model age well? How exactly does it feel after using it for more than half a year? After all, it’s the only model from the S21 trio to have a plastic back as opposed to a glass build, and in some ways, it almost feels like a Fan Edition device. Has the lack of WQHD resolution become a more noticeable issue over the past three quarters? You can find out the answers in our latest Galaxy S21 long-term review at SamMobile TV. Check the video below.

Some things age better than others

In short, some of the characteristics that seemed like issues at first turned out not to be as annoying as people initially thought. The plastic back has a high enough quality to be mistaken with glass during regular usage, and the display remains fantastic, even if it can’t match other flagships in terms of pixel count. The camera does feel more and more like it’s missing proper optical zoom, but it’s quite decent otherwise.

The lack of a microSD card was another non-issue for us, though it’s subjective, and we didn’t need to transfer files via microSD very often. It’s also worth noting that we’ve been using the 256GB model, which is enough for most users.

Check our Galaxy S21 long-term review below for more details, and don’t forget to leave a comment and join our social media groups. You can also check our original Galaxy S21 review in case you missed it and you’re looking for a closer look at the specs.

Are you a Galaxy S21 owner? Did you purchase the phone at launch? If so, how do you feel about the Galaxy S21 after nine months of using it?

Galaxy S21 original review

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