Galaxy S8 Oreo update released in China

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Samsung can’t exactly compete with Chinese manufacturers as far as making phones with amazing specs and low price tags is concerned and it has certainly become a problem for the Korean giant, as it saw its market share in China plummet below 1 percent. Samsung has said that it is looking at ways to get back into the game in the Chinese market, and it looks like one area where it could get the leg up on Chinese OEMs would be software updates, as the company is only now releasing the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ in the country.

Galaxy S8 Oreo update released in China

Yes, it’s not like other markets received the Galaxy S8 Oreo update very quickly, but Chinese customers seem to have had a longer wait to get the latest version of Android on their Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+. And while Chinese OEMs aren’t keen on bringing major Android upgrades to their devices, they do release regular software updates with new features and bug fixes, so Samsung will have to be quicker at updating its devices in the world’s most populous country as it goes forward with whatever plans it has in place to reclaim some of the lost market share.

Well, here’s hoping the Galaxy Note 8 Oreo update for Chinese customers isn’t far behind.

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7 days 14 hours ago
Anwesh Jigufy

i haven’t got the update yet

8 days 9 hours ago

Always a pain in the A$$ regarding Samsung OS updates!!

8 days 19 hours ago
Mohamad Tohme

note8 ? sm-n9500

9 days 4 hours ago

Dear funny sumsung where is S7 oreo update.

9 days 43 minutes ago

The reason why S7 won’t be getting an update until May or possibly even June, is that Samsung have drastically increased the number of phone models that they need to update. When you take into consideration that not even all S8 and Note 8 have received Oreo yet, you can see at least one reason why other phones won’t be getting an update anytime soon.

7 days 2 hours ago
Sarte Arne

That’s not a reason.
Do you know how easy it is, to build and compile and OS update, when all their apps already are ready for 8.0?

Guess not.

Please don’t come with BS posts 🙂

6 days 13 hours ago

Classic. Always getting violent when it comes to OS updates. Chill out, peeps, Oreo isn’t a world of difference compared to Nougat.

9 days 32 minutes ago

Samsung Turkey now says it will be on April 27. Fingers crossed.