Of course the Galaxy S11 will bring significant camera improvements, Captain Obvious!

An oft-cited China-based leaker is playing Captain Obvious today, it appears, by saying that there will be a “new beginning” for the camera on Samsung’s flagships with the Galaxy S11. He also goes on to say that the Galaxy Note 10 will use the same primary camera module as the Galaxy S10 but with a new “technical feature.”

None of this is news. For years, the camera module that has been introduced with a Galaxy S flagship earlier in the year trickles down to the Galaxy Note series six months later. Samsung also has a habit of introducing major camera updates with the Galaxy S series.

Business as usual for the Galaxy Note 10’s camera

As we highlighted in our Galaxy Note 10 preview, the new flagship will have a triple rear camera much like the Galaxy S10. So it will certainly have the same S5K2L4 primary camera module as the earlier flagship. The only difference here could be the introduction of a three-stage variable aperture system. There haven’t been a lot of reports about this feature, just the one from this gentleman himself.

He claimed to have heard about the three-stage variable aperture from Samsung China engineers. Samsung’s flagships already have f/1.5 – f/2.4 variable aperture settings, and the Galaxy Note 10 is said to get a third f/1.8 setting. It would prove to be very useful for intermediate cases when the right balance has to be found because the conditions are neither brightly lit nor very dark. It would otherwise be business as usual on the camera front for the Galaxy Note 10, which will be completely unsurprising.

With regards to the Galaxy S11, we have already highlighted the importance for Samsung to deliver significant camera improvements with this device. Some of its rivals have done great things in this department so it’s high time that Samsung put out a true flagship camera phone on the market. We certainly hope that it does that.

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