[Updated] Galaxy S10 5G lands in China ahead of big 5G push

The Galaxy S10 5G is now launching in China through the country’s largest mobile operator, China Mobile. Much like the other markets in which the phone has been introduced, China doesn’t have a fully-fledged 5G network just yet, but the infrastructure is growing fast.

The Chinese network operator and Samsung have had connections for a while now. Back in 2016, they performed 5G network tests and Samsung became a member of the China Mobile 5G Innovation Center in June of that year. According to some reports, China Mobile is expected to be capable of commercializing 5G in more than 50 cities across China by the end of the year. To this end, the carrier intends to deploy over 50,000 5G base station across the country. By 2020, the network operator plans to offer 5G in all of the cities in China which are above the prefecture level.

Due to network limitations, the Galaxy S10 5G launched in China won’t have the ability to flex all of its 5G muscles anywhere in the country, but China is expected to become the world’s biggest country in terms of 5G over the next five years. Having said that, Samsung might also be viewing the launch of its first 5G flagship in China as a symbol of its ambitions to become more relevant, especially in the 5G era. The company has been struggling with poor mobile sales in China. It barely puts a dent into the market as local companies keep dominating the charts, but Samsung is making changes – even to its corporate structure – in order to improve its business there.

Update: It turns out that the Galaxy S10 5G might not be arriving in China, after all. According to @MMDDJ_ on Twitter, the “SM-G9770” model number linked to the alleged Galaxy S10 5G in China is a testing/sampling unit which is not meant for a consumer release.

  • Model: SM-G977U
  • Dimensions: 77.1 x 162.6 x 7.94mm
  • Display: 6.7"(170.2mm) Super AMOLED
  • CPU: Exynos 9820 Octa
  • Camera: 12 MP.CMOS F2.4 45° Telephoto & 12MP F1.5/2.4 77° & 16MP F/2.2 123° Ultra-wide & 3D Depth: hQVGA


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As a Chinese, I think the Galaxy S10 5G might just be the device for China Mobile’s staff to test our 5G network instead of to hit the market? In the lastest conference that Samsung held in China, they told us that they will release 5G devices later than July, and I think they won’t let the S10 5G coming to the market with the Note 10 5G almost together..


You’re right ; I forgot their staff might test the network with the S10 5G…
They said in the conference that the upgrade program would let customers upgrade to 5G beginning on September, 1st, “as soon as 5G phones are available”… And, if they wanted to release S10 5G to consumers, they would at least give a release date during the 5G conference after they showcased it, which they didn’t.
So, pretty sure that it’ll be Note10 5G and that S10 5G will remain confidential in China


You didn’t anything about the insane 5G upgrade plan they’ve made in China (upgrade with S10+ and A80) last month…

Btw I didn’t see anything on Samsung China website and on China mobile website aswell…
It was said that the S10 5G would not launch in China and that they would skip it to launch Note 10 directly… which is more credible considering the upgrade program begins in September in China which is about the time of the Note10 release


Just wait.