Galaxy A50 fingerprint issue fixed with the December update

We first reported about the Galaxy A50 fingerprint issue three weeks ago. Samsung had released an update for the device about a month ago. The irony of it was that this update was supposed to improve fingerprint recognition on the Galaxy A50.

It ended up breaking the fingerprint registration process. Samsung is now rolling out a new firmware update for the Galaxy A50. Not only does it bring the December 2019 security patch, but it also fixes the fingerprint issue on the device.

December 2019 update also fixes the Galaxy A50 fingerprint issue

The fingerprint registration process was broken in firmware versions A505FNXXS3ASK9 and A505FDDS3ASK8. It would read the fingerprint normally until the process reached 41 percent completion. It would either require too many attempts to finish the registration or simply throw up an error that said “Make sure the fingerprint sensor is clean and dry, then try again”.

Users were caught unaware as the update had advised them to re-register their fingerprint to benefit from the improvements. However, they couldn’t re-register their fingerprints after deleting them. We received many reports from affected users and were able to reproduce the issue on our own device.

Samsung is now rolling out the December 2019 security patch for the Galaxy A50 and a handful of other devices. The update for the Galaxy A50 also fixes this issue. Those who were unable to re-register their fingerprints on the device will be able to do that once they get the latest update. The firmware version A505FDDU3ASKA is gradually rolling out. It’s also available for download from our firmware section.

  • Model: SM-A505F
  • Dimensions: 158.5 x 74.7 x 7.7mm
  • Display: 6.4"(162.1mm) Super AMOLED
  • CPU: Exynos 9610
  • Camera: 25 MP, CMOS F1.7 & 5MP, CMOS F2.2 Depth & 8MP, CMOS F2.2 Ultrawide


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Hi Samsung, I updated my phone Galaxy A50 yesterday on December 8th, and I was hoping that you would fix the fingerprint problem, but this update did not work and did not fix this problem, and this update was worse than the previous update, I was putting my fingerprint and when I reach 47% it brings me back to 35%, I hope to fix this problem in the fastest time, and I hope that the next update is better than this and the previous update, thank you.


Further to my earlier post…. My work around – Firstly, I found that you can no longer downgrade the firmware as the security policy for the bootloader has changed – I had hope to downgrade back to the first November update prior to the fingerprint issue but that no longer appears possible. So, there I was with the latest December update which appeared to completely break the fingerprint registration (see earlier post). With this December update installed my solution, or work around, was to completely factory reset the phone. Once up and running again, the fingerprint registration worked for only… Read more »


this update doesnt correct the issu in my a50 a505f


Tengo el A505G, instale el firmware con parche de seguridad de noviembre ( A505GGUBS4ASK1 ) que mejoraba el reconocimiento de la huella, y quedo el lector inservible solo llega al 75% y comienza a enviar un mensaje de limpiar el lector humedo. desde entonces no deja registrar totalmente la huella. tengo una pregunta ¿ la version A505FDDU3ASKA , funcionaria en el A505G?


The European version with the december update (A505FNXXS3ASL1) does not correct the fingerprint problem. :\


I have an A50 BTU in the UK and installed the December update yesterday

A505FNXXS3ASL1/A505FNOXM3ASK9/A505FXXS3ASK9 Security Patch 1 December 2019

Having read that it fixed the fingerprint issues I removed my prints to reinstall them – BAD!
***This fingerprint issue has not been fixed in the December update***

In fact it is worse now as I cant register a fingerprint at all – it gets to 47% then drops back to 35%, then says clean the sensor, then drops out completely unregistered.

Please help?