New evidence suggests Galaxy Home release may be around the corner

It has been over a year since Samsung first unveiled the Galaxy Home, its Bixby-powered smart speaker. It was unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 9 in New York City. Samsung didn’t even mention the Galaxy Home during its Galaxy Note 10 event in August.

We know that it hasn’t been discontinued and that Samsung still intends to release it. Some new evidence has surfaced which suggests that the company might finally be close to releasing the much-awaited product.

Galaxy Home release could be just around the corner

One of our readers shared a screenshot with us of a pop-up he got out of the blue upon launching the Spotify app. The Galaxy Home’s silhouette is clearly visible in this pop-up, which when translated from French essentially encourages Spotify users to link their streaming account to their Samsung account so that they can access their music on all of their Samsung devices.

We’ve not seen the pop-up on any of our devices in the Netherlands or elsewhere so it could just have been a test of some sort. It’s not odd that this happened with Spotify. Some of you may remember that it was at the August event last year that Samsung confirmed Spotify as the go-to music service across all of its devices.

Users could link their streaming account to their Samsung account in order to bring their music to their Samsung IoT ecosystem which includes Smart TVs and even Family Hub refrigerators. The Galaxy Home will undoubtedly be a key part of this ecosystem going forward.

Samsung is yet to confirm precisely when it’s going to release the Galaxy Home. However, Kim Hyun-suk, CEO of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics Division, did say four months ago that the speaker would be released in the “mid-second half of the year.” We have just about reached that point in the year so here’s hoping that this is an indication that Samsung is finally going to release the Galaxy Home.

Have you seen a similar pop-up in the Spotify app in your region? Do share with us in the comments below.

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