2nd Galaxy Z Flip batch ships to Germany on Monday, Samsung confirms

The Galaxy Z Flip went on sale in Germany earlier today and, as you’ve probably already guessed, Samsung has now announced that the device is out of stock. The good news for prospective buyers who may have missed the first launch window is that Samsung is working on replenishing Galaxy Z Flip stocks in Germany soon. The next batch is expected to arrive on February 24.

Samsung’s VP of IT & Mobile Communication, Olaf May, reminds customers that the device has been launched in limited quantities, and thanked everyone for their patience. We are working on being able to deliver again as quickly as possible, and while the foldable won’t back in stock over the weekend, prospective buyers should be able to buy it again on Monday.

It does sound like demand for the Galaxy Z Flip might be considerably higher than it was for the original Galaxy Fold, and as a result, Samsung has decided to take a humbler approach instead of bragging about selling out its foldable phone in record time. The market expected Samsung to overcome its supply shortages after the limited launch of the Galaxy Fold and release a second foldable in higher quantities, but the company is still struggling to keep up with demand.

The Galaxy Z Flip was launched in Germany in Mirror Purple and Mirror black for the price of EUR 1,480.


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