2018 Samsung QLED TVs will be revealed on March 7

At CES 2018, Samsung showcased its vision for TVs and other home appliances in the IoT era. Though the company showcased ‘The Wall,’ its first 146-inch modular MicroLED TV, and an 8K QLED TV at the event, it didn’t launch any of the mainstream QLED TVs for 2018 at the event. The more mainstream SmartTVs were expected to launch at a later date.

2018 Samsung QLED TVs will feature Bixby

Earlier this month, a report from Korea stated that Samsung is going to launch a new Bixby-powered TV in New York in March. In line with the news, Samsung has scheduled an event titled ‘The First Look’ for March 7 at the American Stock Exchange in Manhattan, New York. It will be part of Samsung’s global launch event for its 2018 QLED TV lineup.

Samsung has already outlined the new features coming to the 2018 SmartTV lineup. Sticking to the messaging at CES 2018, Bixby will play a central role in the new SmartTV experience. Most of the features are centered around a connected and AI-driven lifestyle powered by Bixby and SmartThings. Some of these features include using Bixby for seamless setup, effortless content discovery and sharing, smart home control, etc.


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Both QLED and OLED are great in different ways depending on the environment. I have a new Samsung 65″ QLED in the living room where it’s extremely bright, the sun shines right in and QLED is bright enough and non reflective enough not to need the curtains closed. We moved our LG OLED to the kitchen where it’s darker and it suits perfectly. Each has its pros and cons. It would be nice if they can update my new TV with Bixby, it has all the necessary hardware, just needs the software update.

Horus Osiris
Horus Osiris

Can’t wait, love QLED!