SamMobile Giveaways – 2019

Welcome to the SamMobile giveaway page! In the tables below, you will find out if you have won a prize in our weekly and monthly giveaways. SamMobile contacts every prize winner by email, so make sure you check your email from time to time. In case you find your username on the list below but don’t see an email, please contact us and we will find out what went wrong.

Only silver and gold SamMobile membership owners get a chance to win prizes. Please note that in case we cannot ship the product to you, we will offer you a payment voucher so you can buy the prize yourself.

Monthly winner.

JanuaryGalaxy WatchDimmenUnited Kingdom
FebruaryGalaxy S10eitjuhhThe Netherlands
MarchGalaxy S10eparienteEcuador
AprilGalaxy WatchPeopleSamsungVersusIsrael
MayGalaxy Tab S5elocarnoPoland
JuneGalaxy A80veresicaRomania
JulyGalaxy WatchrgeorgeitMexico
AugustGalaxy Note 10REESEMUnited States
SeptemberGalaxy Tab S6unk077Israel
OctoberGalaxy Watch Active2s4dltdUnited Kingdom
NovemberGalaxy S10+enesgsm33Turkey
DecemberGalaxy Tab S6Gabor1United States

How do we pick all the winners?
We use to select the winner for us.

Weekly winner.

1Year Free PremiumSAMN3M3Israel
2Year Free PremiumKARGINVALERYALESRussia
3Year Free PremiumDROIDDOESUnited States
4Micro SD 128GBmaxmeazleSpain
5Micro SD 128GBjkestner24370United States
6Micro SD 128GBjasonnz1337New Zealand
7Year Free PremiumalbertquinnUnited States
8Year Free PremiumgerreroSpain
9Year Free PremiumsmartechtiburtinaItaly
10Micro SD 128GBMixers29The Netherlands
11Micro SD 128GBi00fenItaly
12Micro SD 128GBadhamdaxaIsrael
13Year Free Premiumblueskies1977United Kingdom
14Year Free Premiumrogelio riveraHonduras
15Year Free PremiumpmancioItaly
16Micro SD 128GBbuckethead9United Kingdom
17Micro SD 128GBlkubeGermany
18Micro SD 128GBdpirandaBrazil
19Year Free PremiummarvinperEl Salvador
20Year Free PremiumEZCOMM123United States
21Year Free PremiumnegobylleBrazil
22Micro SD 128GBThomi73374Germany
23Micro SD 128GBbrittybitsAustralia
24Micro SD 128GBFAberoficinaBrazil
25Year Free Premiumyasino1408Israel
26Year Free Premiumpaul2paris8France
27Year Free PremiumsnypherPeru
28Micro SD 128GBkarey4000Azerbaijan
29Micro SD 128GBMoos92France
30Micro SD 128GBb0rni67Germany
31Year Free PremiumjeseoKorea
32Year Free PremiumShmdreniani1992Iraq
33Year Free Premiumwaseem90United Kingdom
34Micro SD 128GBtec-xHonduras
35Micro SD 128GBunlockmgsMexico
36Micro SD 128GBSRICHIEZUnited States
37Year Free Premiumskeletonkey1982United States
38Year Free PremiumsfatcIsrael
39Year Free PremiumroastsparrowKorea
40Micro SD 128GBkaachinngIreland
41Micro SD 128GBnemuxItaly
42Micro SD 128GBlarsvonruegenSwitzerland
43Year Free Premiumparce16Mexico
44Year Free Premiummario eduardo chavezHonduras
45Year Free PremiumlordxcomUnited States
46Micro SD 128GBhighresGermany
47Micro SD 128GBhanamarujirusi5Japan
48Micro SD 128GBFlashGordonSamItaly
49Year Free PremiumGul2017Mexico
50Year Free PremiumdarrellhenningUnited States
51Year Free PremiumadddnaaanSaudi Arabia
52Micro SD 128GBbobteslaUnited States

How do we pick all the winners?
We use to select the winner for us.