It’s great to see Samsung making phones in white again

There was a time when Samsung used to release its flagship phones in white. The white versions weren’t the most popular, but they had quite a few takers who were disappointed when Samsung stopped offering white as a color option for its flagship devices. However, the company brought back white in a major way this year, with both flagships and mid-range phones launched in 2019 having a white variant, and I’m rather glad they did that after having used two of those devices in the last couple of months.

White’s classy, and it’s back in style

The company’s latest phones also come with a gradient finish on every color option. While those gradients can be quite loud on other colors, they make for a very classy and sober look on the white versions of these phones. The implementation also differs from device to device; while I liked the Galaxy S10e in white when I reviewed it back in March, I found the Galaxy A70 to be much better because its finish is closer to actual white than the Galaxy S10e’s.

galaxy a70 s10e white 9

Modern Galaxy smartphones are all black at the front no matter which color variant you choose so that Samsung’s Infinity displays can offer an immersive experience, and that means most of us won’t really see the back of our phone very often. But I’m still glad that white is in vogue again in Galaxy-land. If it hadn’t been for Samsung not launching the 512GB of the S10+ in white here in India, that’s the one I would have bought instead of the ceramic black version I currently own.

What do you think? Were you happy to see Samsung making white phones again and have purchased a recent Galaxy phone in white?

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