Galaxy Fold will have software updates available right out of the box

The Galaxy Fold is very close to making its way into the hands of the lucky folks who have been able to pre-order one before Samsung’s limited reservation spots for the device ran out. And once customers set up their Galaxy Fold, they’ll have a software update waiting for them. In fact, they might even have two updates available, as the current update (software version F900FXXU1ASD4) that we received on our Galaxy Fold doesn’t have the latest security patch.

Of course, we can expect to see quite a few software updates arriving for the Galaxy Fold in the coming months. Samsung has managed to polish the device’s software to an impressive level, with even early pre-production units running pretty well, but there’s always a chance some minor issues and niggles will crop up. And while Samsung can afford to delay fixing minor issues for regular devices, it will have to provide the best support possible to Galaxy Fold consumers considering how much it costs.

You can rest assured that we will be keeping a close eye on just how well Samsung supports the Fold over the coming months. Also, we will be publishing our Galaxy Fold review later this month, and in the meantime, be sure to check out our early impressions of Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

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