[Poll Results!] How are you finding the Galaxy S10?

The Galaxy S10Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e have been in the hands of customers for a little more than a week now, after launching on March 8, during which time two bugs have been uncovered, one of which is rather serious — so we want to know how you’re getting on with them.

I’ll be frank: I’m a massive fan of the Galaxy S10+, though the in-screen fingerprint reader isn’t as responsive as I’d have hoped. That is, however, something Samsung is said to be addressing in future updates, so I can’t fault it. Overall, and with that in mind, it’s a winner for me.

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To have your say, be sure to cast a vote in the poll below, then feel free to elaborate on your response in the comments section if you’re feeling talkative — we’d really love it if you did as we love nothing more than jumping into an insightful conversation with our fantastic audience.

How are you finding the Galaxy S10?

Results: As we had been expecting, a majority of voters love their Galaxy S10, with 44 percent of votes coming from people without any complaints. 32 percent said they love the phone except for one or two issues, while 14 percent were a bit letdown. 11 percent, meanwhile, are reserving their verdict for later, and we can totally understand that as the Galaxy S10 does bring a few things that users will need time to adjust to, like those circular screen cutouts and and in-display fingerprint sensor.

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