Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensor may not work with screen protectors

The Galaxy S10 will be the first Galaxy smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor, but it may come at a cost. According to case manufacturer Armadillotek, the in-display fingerprint sensor on the S10 doesn’t work if there’s a screen protector on the screen. Armadillotek says it has tested its screen protectors on actual Galaxy S10 units and, as a result, its Vanguard case won’t have a screen protector.

Of course, just one case maker’s results aren’t enough to say that no screen protectors will work, and we will have to wait for more details on this front to be sure. The Galaxy S10 is expected to hit retail in early March, so if screen protectors are an issue for the fingerprint sensor, it may be too late for Samsung to make the necessary design changes to get around the limitation.

The cheapest Galaxy S10 model won’t run into this issue, though, since it will make do with a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. But considering it’s the larger models that drive most of the sales, Samsung may have a PR nightmare on its hands if too many consumers start complaining that their shiny new flagship can’t be protected against everyday wear and tear.

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