Bixby will eventually help users invest in stocks

Samsung recently announced that it’s opening up Bixby to third-party developers. They will build new services for the virtual assistant which will enable it to be more useful for the people who rely on it every single day. An investment management service that works through voice recognition is being developed as well. It will let users invest in stocks by simply giving a command to Bixby.

South Korea-based DeepSearch is developing a search engine and a computation engine that’s backed up financial big-data. It will enable investors to study desired datasets and analyze topics to build their investment hypothesis. This eliminates the need for complex calculations that are required by more traditional approaches. It’s also working to link the platform with Bixby.

Bixby will tap into DeepSearch’s financial platform

DeepSearch’s boss Kim Jae-yun said during the recent Bixby Developer Day in Seoul that the service will allow Bixby to provide information about companies, highlight details like profit and revenue from financial statements and even invest in select stocks and market sectors in respond to users’ voice commands.

The company is aiming to complete the development of this new Bixby service by the first half of next year. Users in South Korea will then be able to make investment decisions through Bixby thereafter. According to Jae-yun, the goal is to “allow users to ask Bixby about risks, investment opportunities, financial information and issues about the companies around them.” He added that “Ultimately, Bixby will also be able to analyze the company and invest users’ money in shares.”

Bixby will only be able to do this in South Korea, initially. It’s quite possible that Samsung might find a partner in other markets that also develops a similar solution.

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