[Poll] Samsung Pay usage surged 58 percent in South Korea last month

Samsung Pay is the most popular mobile payment service in South Korea, and it continued its dominance in the month of October as well. Samsung Pay usage saw a 58 percent growth in the number of users in October 2018, as compared to the same period last year.

Samsung Pay continues its South Korea dominance

According to a survey by industry tracker WiseApp, Samsung Pay hit an estimate 10.4 million active users in South Korea in October. The number of estimated active users for the same period last year was 6.6 million.

WiseApp conducted a survey on 23,000 South Korean users of Android smartphones. WiseApp didn’t consider transactions made through other operating systems for survey, neither did it consider Naver Pay and Kakao Pay as they do not need a separate application.

Toss distantly followed Samsung Pay with 4.56 million users in October. The platform itself, however, saw a growth of nearly 103 percent in the financial month of October 2018, vis-à-vis October 2017. Toss had 2.25 million estimated active users a year earlier. ISP/Paybooc closely followed Toss with 4.01 million users, while Shinhan PayFAN and Hyundai Card made up the top five with 2.87 million and 2.2 million users, respectively.

Have you ever tried out Samsung’s mobile payments service? Is it something that you use frequently to make payments on the go? Vote below and share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

How often do you use Samsung Pay?


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I don’t use it daily but its novelty hasn’t worn off for me. I’m just loving using Samsung Pay here in India. Almost all the POS machines in India are compatible with it. The convenience coupled with the Samsung Rewards program is simply great! Samsung Pay in India isn’t limited to only card payments; it also supports e-Wallets, UPI and bill payments. But I want to root my phone and doing so will disable Samsung Pay 😭


This service is joke. Samsung pay I available in UK however it doesn’t support all banks… Waiting for it over year, still nothing… no updates from Samsung and bank… :/


I agree with this. Been waiting ages for my bank to be added to the list and it’s never happened. Its almost like Samsung don’t give a stuff about the UK and are concentrating only on major markets like S.Korea, US, India etc