Exclusive: Samsung ‘Galaxy M’ phones incoming, storage options revealed

After a report earlier today brought us news of Samsung developing a new Galaxy M lineup of phones, we dug a little deeper and can confirm that at least two such devices are under development. The Galaxy M series is expected to be a consolidation of all of Samsung’s current budget lineups. The Galaxy J, Galaxy On, and Galaxy C series will reportedly disappear, a rumor that is supported by the storage options that we are told would be offered with the new Galaxy M smartphones.

First, let us point out that we do not know the actual names of these devices. Their model numbers – SM-M205F and SM-M305F – and the report from earlier today do offer a hint, though: Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30. Samsung apparently has more such devices in the works, and these double-digit product names are expected to be used for the Galaxy A series as well. However, it’s also possible the model numbers would be different from the phone names, and we will have to wait for more information on these M series phones to build a clearer picture.

Oh, and before we forget, 32GB and 64GB are the storage options for the SM-M205F. The SM-M305F will be offered in 64GB and 128GB variants. Both these phones will have dual SIM variants, since dual SIM slots are a necessary feature in the budget and lower mid-range segments in many markets, although single SIM models may be released in some countries as well.

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  • This would be a good step towards better firmware support of Samsung phones. Make one mid-range lineup (consisting of 3-4 phones) but make it good value for money, so people would buy them around the world, not just exclusively in China (or just in Europe etc). That way they wouldn't need so many production lines for different phones, which further increases their profit. The same could go for the budget lineup, they could also make 3-4 phones for people who need a solid enough phone without spending 300$ or more. And 3-4 flagships for people who need the best. That means 9-12 phones every year, which is still 3-4x more than iPhones every year, but still much better than 200+ phones with 20+ variants each. I don't know the why Samsung are restricted to shipping their devices with only Snapdragon chipsets to USA, but if they could overcome at least that (besides reducing the phones' number every year) and just ship their phones with Exynos just like the S6 (and Edge), S6 edge+,Note 5 and some mid-range phones, it'd be great for our phones' security and software optimization.

    • They signed a contract, much like everyone else had to besides Apple. Qualcomm was really on top when it came to CPUs, especially when everyone was attempting to make money of the smartphone craze when it first started. I guess it was a government thing- not trusting outside companies with their own chips entering the US. The contract ends in 2021, if I remember correctly.