New Samsung AI center to be opened in Montreal

A new Samsung AI center is reportedly going to be opened in Montreal. It will be the 7th such facility that the company will open recently. Samsung is heavily investing in artificial intelligence as it categorizes it as a future growth avenue. The company most recently opened an AI center in New York City. It has six other centers located in key cities across the globe.

Samsung already has AI centers up and running in Toronto, Silicon Valley, Moscow and Seoul. It also has a location in the United Kingdom. The one in Montreal will be the company’s 7th AI center and its 2nd in Canada.

New Samsung AI center will be Canada’s second

According to a report out of South Korea, the Montreal artificial intelligence center is being opened in line with the company’s efforts to bolster its AI capabilities. It will employ researchers who will study AI technologies extensively. The research will then help the company bring innovative AI-based features to its smartphones and other products.

Professor Maja Pantic, who is the research director at the Samsung AI Center Cambridge, has previously said that the company’s vision for artificial intelligence is to ensure that its devices continue to learn. The idea is to have AI always there for users without needing their intervention.

Samsung hasn’t made a formal announcement as yet regarding its Montreal AI center. It is unclear right now precisely when this center will be up and running. Samsung has a stated goal of hiring almost 1,000 AI specialists by 2020 so we can expect to see additional AI centers being opened in the coming months.

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