Samsung launches a new artificial intelligence center in New York City

Samsung has been heavily investing in artificial intelligence as it feels that the technology will help it deliver better products and services to customers. The company has been setting up artificial intelligence centers in key locations across the globe where it brings in top talent to research this crucial field further.

The company today announced that in addition to the five artificial intelligence centers that are already up and running in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Russia and South Korea, the company is now adding a new location in New York City.

Samsung’s sixth AI Center

Samsung’s new AI Center is located in the heart of Chelsea. It will be led by Daniel D. Lee who is the executive vice president of Samsung Research. His work in this field has earned him praise across the globe. He joined Samsung in June last year. Daniel D. Lee will be aided by a leading authority in neuroscience-based AI technologies, H. Sebastian Seung, who is also an executive vice president of Samsung Research.

The company says that this particular AI Center will be focused on advanced artificial intelligence research in robotics. In addition to being an EVP, Seung is the Chief Research Scientist at Samsung as well and will advise the company on advanced AI search with a view to develop opportunities for future business growth.

The sixth AI Center is going to work in partnership with Samsung’s other artificial intelligence research facilities. All of this is part of Samsung’s stated goal to hire almost 1,000 AI specialists by 2020. Expect to see more AI Centers to pop up in key locations down the line.


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