First Samsung 5G phone won’t be the Galaxy S10


Last updated: August 13th, 2018 at 14:37 UTC+02:00

As carriers in major markets across the globe prepare to flip the switch on their commercial 5G networks in the coming months, all eyes are on smartphone manufacturers to start rolling out devices that can leverage the next-generation mobile network. The market expects to see at least a few flagship models with 5G support in the first half of 2019.

The Galaxy S10 is likely going to be one of those flagships. Samsung’s 10th anniversary flagship may have support for 5G networks. However, the company has confirmed that it won’t actually be the first Samsung 5G phone. That title will go to a separate device.

First Samsung 5G phone

Mobile carriers in South Korea are aiming to launch their 5G networks in March 2019. Samsung is working with its local carrier partners to be the first company to release a 5G smartphone. The CEO of Samsung’s mobile division DJ Koh revealed at a press event today that it actually won’t be the Galaxy S10 that gets to be the first Samsung 5G phone.

Koh mentioned that this title will go to a separate device instead. He did not clarify whether this separate device will be the long-awaited foldable smartphone or another device altogether. Koh also reiterated Samsung’s desire to be the world’s first manufacturer to launch a truly foldable smartphone at this press event.

He also addressed recent reports in the media which suggested that the Galaxy S10+ might be the last handset of its kind. Rumors have been floating around recently that Samsung has been mulling the possibility of combining the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series.

Samsung was reportedly considering this due to the increasing overlap between the two product lines. Merging the two product lines would have also resulted in cost savings for Samsung in the R&D, marketing, production and sales departments. Koh set the record straight, saying that “For the immediate future, there won’t be a change in launching the S series in the first half and Note series in the second half of the year.”

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