[Poll] How is your Galaxy Note 8’s performance holding up?


Last updated: December 13th, 2017 at 12:48 UTC+02:00

It’s been something of a tradition for Samsung, putting in more work as far as software optimization is concerned on their Note flagships, more so than its mainstream Galaxy S flagship phones. The Galaxy Note 4 may have been an exception, and we’ll never know how the Note 7 would have held up in the long run (feel free to tell us if you’ve been holding on to and using a unit even after the recall), but the extra optimization is clearly visible on the Galaxy Note 8 as well.

Why this disparity exists between the Galaxy S and Note devices is anyone’s guess. It may be the fact that Samsung is able to learn a few tricks with a particular year’s new SoC by the time it ends up in that year’s Galaxy Note device, although if that had been the case, we’d see performance improvements arriving on the Galaxy S handsets with software updates. Yes, major software upgrades do bring enhancements to the device’s speed and smoothness, but even those seem to last only temporarily.

The Galaxy Note 8 is different, however

But, as mentioned above, the Galaxy Note 8 has higher software optimization baked inside, and the difference between performance on a Note 8 and a Galaxy S8 is easily visible. Here at SamMobile, our Galaxy Note 8’s have certainly held up better, with even one of our unused (and set up with just basic settings) S8 units not doing as well as the Note 8.

It’s certainly something that irritates us given the S8 wasn’t a cheap phone, and other than a review unit, these are devices that we paid for from our pockets. You may not notice the performance gap in regular usage, but put a few equally used Galaxy S8 and Note 8 side-by-side, and you’ll know what we mean. The Note 8 continues to fly, other than a few stutters here and there that can affect any phone that’s been in use for a few months.

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But what about your Galaxy Note 8? How has its performance held up? Is it still worthy of being called a flagship, or does it stutter and/or lag enough for you to miffed at Samsung for not doing enough when it comes to software optimization? Let us know voting in the poll below, and leave your thoughts about the same in the comments. (And if you think need another option in the poll, let us know so we can make the necessary edit.)

How is your Galaxy Note 8's performance holding up?
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