Samsung’s SeeColors Smart TV app helps the color blind see better

Samsung has teamed up with Colorlite to release a new application for its QLED Smart TVs that aims to help those with Color Vision Deficiency – commonly referred to as ‘color blindness’ – see a more true-to-life range of colors.

To get started, someone with – or who is looking for a diagnosis for – Color Vision Deficiency will need to take a “C-Test” using the firm’s recently-launched SeeColors application on a compatible Galaxy-branded smartphone.

The mobile application will then relay the result to a (Wi-Fi-)connected QLED Smart TV, which also has SeeColors installed, to calibrate it to compensate for the colors the person is unable to distinguish, like red and brown.

“Samsung is committed to making people’s everyday lives smarter and more convenient through technology and innovation,” said Hyeongnam Kim, Vice President of Samsung’s Visual Display Business.

SeeColors is listed on the Galaxy App Store and Google Play Store

The SeeColors application is available to download from the App Store on all Samsung-branded QLED Smart TVs and through the Galaxy App Store and Play Store on the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 line.


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