Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor may come from a new supplier

According to a new report by ETNews, Samsung is looking at a new supplier to source fingerprint sensors for its next flagship, the Galaxy S9. The company has reportedly gone with a Taiwanese manufacturer that has supplied fingerprint sensors for Samsung’s mid-range phones and could be making those for the company’s flagship line as well if the Korean giant goes ahead with the contract. This would mean a loss in business for the existing supplier, which would be unsurprising given the sales figures that Samsung sees for the Galaxy S flagships.

Galaxy S9 fingerprint sensor to come from a new supplier

While renders suggest the Galaxy S9’s fingerprint sensor will be located below the camera module instead of the awkward position they take up on current flagships, nothing is certain at this point. Based on the report’s translation, this move only seems to involve changing the supplier rather than a switch to a new fingerprint sensor. Although, an improved sensor will surely be welcome, given how the ones Samsung currently uses aren’t as accurate as those used by the competition (and it’s not just because of their rectangular shape, as similar ones by companies like HTC and OnePlus work markedly better) .

As for an on-screen fingerprint reader, it is said that Samsung won’t be able to implement one before the Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy S9 could also miss out on 3D face scanning technology even though the company has ordered related components, but as usual, all of these rumors need to be taken with a pinch of salt until more substantial information makes its way online.

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the sensor location on the regular S8 is perfect.
it’s the exact location the finger going naturally.
moving it down on a similar size phone would be less natural and convenient